Pregnancy Talk: 20 Week Update

March 4, 2015

Hey Everyone! I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with my little girl and I thought I'd update you  on how things are going.

I'm Feeling: 

Great! I feel so happy and over the moon with joy and light! I have a feeling this little girl is going to be a super happy-go-lucky person. I can feel her joy pouring from me. I'm so euphoric and I haven't had any mood swings. Nothing like when I was pregnant with Little A. ;) In all fairness, I was still suffering from IBD when I was carrying her and I was on a low dose of prednisone which messes with your mind anyway. I'm still very tired all the time, but I feel great and I haven't gained much weight (I'm on the low end of what is recommended at 20 weeks) which is good because I gained a lot with Little A (again, blame the prednisone). I'm starting to feel little kicks and movement especially when I'm sitting still. I don't think I felt anything with Little A until I was 23-24 weeks but I read with your second you feel earlier because you know the feeling. I can't wait for Little A to be able to put her hand on my stomach and feel the kicks. She's going to be so excited. Speaking of Little A, she has been hot and cold about the baby since she found out she was getting a sister and not a brother. She really wanted a brother but she is definitely warming up to the idea of a sister. I keep reminder her that Elsa and Anna from Frozen are sisters. Ha ha. She isn't a fan of the idea that the baby will be nursing. She still feels like they are "hers" since she nursed for 3 years. This is one thing I am worried about so I have been trying to talk to her about giving her sister "the nursies" as a present. She comes up to my belly and hugs and kisses it a lot and says "I love you baby". So there are definitely some kind and sweet moments when it comes to her sister.



As I mentioned, I'm exhausted so I haven't been doing as much as I would like. I do a pregnancy workout for 20 minutes about 3-5 times a week. Either cardio or light weights. Once the weather warms up I plan on walking a lot! Also, prenatal yoga is definitely in my future, I'm just too cold to leave at night for a class. ;)

 20 weeks here!

Chocolate "milk"
Sparkling water
Avocado with salt
Smoothies that are like "Milkshakes"
Fresh strawberries
Baked tofu (haven't had any, just felt like some today)
Kale Chips
Sweet by Jana raw goodies (which are no longer going to be sold! I may have to buy out the health food store!!)



I have a 20 week ultrasound on Friday, I am so excited to see how much she has grown! I can't believe in less then 20 weeks she will be here! 



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