What I Ate Wednesday: 21 Weeks Pregnant

March 11, 2015

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing what I ate for the day yesterday while 21 weeks pregnant. Once in awhile I log my food to make sure all my bases are covered, and every time I am above and beyond. Yay, plant based pregnancies! ;) Anyway, I haven't been ravenous as my pregnancy app suggests I will be now, but I still make sure I am eating enough to get everything I need. Sometimes I find myself not feeling as well because I haven eaten a lot (just to keep up), so I am working on balance. I still have the appetite I had before I was pregnant. With Little A, I was hungry ALL THE TIME! I couldn't stop! LOL! So I am working on a happy medium. 


 I start every morning the same way for the past few years, a mug of water lemon water with cayenne..

 And a smoothie! This one had cherries, Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein, spinach, chia seeds, Brazil nut butter and water.

 Before I picked up Little A from pre-k, I had a mango. So delicious! She also had one after she got home. 

 A little while later I made lunch. I had a big salad of Mache lettuce, local pickles, purple and garlic kraut, olives, hummus and a Hilary's Eat Well Veggie Burger. 

 Later on, Little A and I had some celery with hummus. Almost forgot a picture, but we obviously had more then a few celery sticks. 

 I felt like something sweet mid afternoon so I had a Jana Sweet raw cookie.

 I also had a "tonic" with my cookie. I used Nettle tea, cacao, coconut oil and peppermint stevia drops.

 Before dinner, I was feeling peckish, so I had a few handfuls of Living Intentions Gone Nuts. These are so good!

 Dinner was broccoli and lima beans cooked in coconut oil, two potatoes topped with pink salt and coconut oil and roasted chickpeas. I drizzled Sriracha on everything! :) I had another serving of chickpeas after this. Little A and I love them!

 Following dinner I usually have a piece of raw chocolate, but since I had the cookie and the tonic, I didn't feel the need for anymore chocolate. Instead I had water with lemon and stevia. Just like lemonaide!


Enjoy your day! XO


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