Recent Eats: 22 Weeks Pregnant

March 18, 2015

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing some of my recent eats. I have been craving a lot of fres raw foods still, which is great! I love having a healthy pregnancy!


 Over the weekend, I had lunch from Fresh Press Juice Co. This was their raw vegan taco salad. The taco "meat" was made with sun dried tomatoes and I think sunflower seeds. Really good!

 While running errands, I came across this Living Intentions cereal at Home Goods. I love this stuff!

 Since Saturday happened to be "Pi Day", I had to have a slice of pie! Little A and I shared a piece of raw vegan lemon pie from Fresh Press Juice Co. Yum!

 In my last post you saw all my eats from Sunday, so I will skip to Monday, when I was making up for my sins! ;) This was a smoothie bowl of cherries, spinach, bananas, marine phytoplankton, chocolate Sunwarrior protein topped with Living Intentions Cacao Cereal, dried mulberries and dried coconut flakes.

 For dinner I made Risotto with spinach, white beans, sun dried tomatoes and capers. The recipe was loosely based on a recipe I found on Fork and Beans.

 Lately I have been really craving fresh, Jersey tomatoes! Too bad it's not June and I can't grab them from our garden! Instead I'll settle for organic with pink salt and ground pepper.

 For St. Patrick's Day, I didn't make any traditional meals, but instead enjoyed this green smoothie that was bananas, brazil nut butter, spinach and water. Little A had a cup too.

 We did have potatoes though! I whipped up this soup last night: kale, white beans, potatoes, tomatoes and garlic. I made it on a whim and it was pretty simple. I think I have posted a recipe similar before, but I can share in a post if you want?


In-Joy! XO


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