Lots to Do Before Baby!

March 23, 2015


Hi! I hope you all had a nice weekend! Not much to report back from mine. We ran errands, did some shopping for Little A's new room and the nursery, and just hung out. Did I mention my Hubby is going to be starting an addition on our house very soon? We are waiting to get the permits back, but we are getting a nice new bedroom! Little A will take our old room, the baby will go in Little A's old room, the spare room will become and office, and where the office is now, will be a playroom! Phew, that's a lot to do in just a few short months! But T claims all will be done in time. He is a builder, so I am hoping his estimates are right. Next weekend we have to put in a whole new staircase. We didn't realize how much other work would be going into adding a room. ;)

 Anyway, onto the weekend! I have been enjoying big yummy salads for lunch where I add a high protein veggie burger to the mix. This was mache lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, raw kraut, cucumbers and a Little Green Burger. 

 Little A and I had to have these watermelon TOMS! Lucky for me, I fit into youth sizes since they don't make these for adults. We use to have a matching pair of the pink sparkle ones but she grew out of them.

 Organic strawberries were on sale at Whole Foods, so I bought some. They were so good that Little A and I polished off a container in about 10 minutes. Every week she asks for 3 things at the store: grapes, mangos and strawberries. They never have organic grapes and the organic strawberries are so expensive so I usually don't buy either, so this was a very nice treat! As for mangos, they aren't cheap either but I usually buy her one or 2. She eats a whole one in one sitting. Usually for breakfast.

 On Sunday, we stopped at Fresh Press Juice Co for lunch before running errands. I had kale chips and a "Maca Me Crazy" smoothie with hemp protein. 

 We found some cute stuff for Little A's new room at HomeGoods and I found some yummy raw treats: Coco-Roons and the most ooey gooey dates I have ever had. So GOOD!


Have a great day!



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