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March 27, 2015



I was asked to do a post on what makeup and beauty products I use, so I thought I would break it up into two posts. This post being beauty products and my next post will be makeup.

First I want to mention that none of these companies paid or sent me products to advertise. These are my favorites based on my own opinions through trial and error. Also, I want to mention that my absolutely favorite makeup and beauty line is 100% Pure, and you will see I don't use much of it! Haha! Well, the products tend to be a little more pricey then my budget allows, so when I want to splurge, they are the first products I go for. Also, another huge reason I don't use them as much as I once did is because I tend to not realize I'm low on something until it's gone. I can't get 100% Pure products locally, so I have to order and wait. So sometimes I need to make an emergency trip to Harmons or Target and grab stuff. That was the case with many of the products here, I was using 100% Pure, ran out, grabbed something natural at the drugstore and fall in love with that product (and the price).


When ordering products online, finding colors that work for you can be hard. I've had a lot of luck though, I always seem to pick the right colors just from the pictures online but this is also a great reason to use natural products that you can find in local stores. 100% Pure does have a few stores in CA and some other areas. If you go to their website you can view all their locations.


I am not going to post links for everything (I just don't have the time with a busy 4 year old), but I will tell you where I got everything and you can Google the brand or product if you can't find on the website I mention. 


First I will start with shampoo and conditioner. Up until recently, I was using a few different brands, changing it up, trying to find what works with my hair. Also, my hair has changed a lot over the past year. Once I was off of Prednisone, my hair grew back in and I didn't need volumizers anymore. This past Christmas, I had ordered myself Christmas presents from my Hubby and 2 of the items were Living Libations ShineOn Conditioner and Seabuckthorn Shampoo. You can order from their website directly, or from I got them when they were on sale at The Raw Food World.

As I mentioned, I like to use different washes on my hair (also, I should mention I only wash my hair two times a week! And since I have been pregnant, I don't even need to blow dry it. My hair dries wavy and actually looks very nice. I was shocked! ;) ). I love Shea Moisture for a few different items, and they are easily located at Target or Walgreens (and also on sale a lot). Their products are quality and smell amazing. 

For my wash, I like to wash twice a day with Avalon Organics Facial Cleansing Milk. My skin tends to be on the dry side, especially in the Winter, and this is very moisturizing. I get this at Target also. I have seen at Whole Foods as well, but Target has a better price.

For awhile I was using 100% Pure's Lavender Seafoam Facial Cleanser. This product I prefer to use in the Summer because it isn't as moisturizing. I suggest using this if your skin is more on the oily side. I got this from, but of course you can find on 100% Pure's website.

 For my body I like to use a body brush (Google or Amazon to buy one) to exfoliate my skin every other day. After I shower, I love to put on Shea Moisture lotion. I get this at Target and again, it smells amazing! 

When I want something different, I enjoy MSM lotion from The Raw Food World.

I always apply coconut oil to my body and face after I use lotion. Coconut oil is my favorite beauty product ever! I use the same oil I cook with but I keep the one I use for my body in a small container in my bedroom. 

Once or twice a week, I skip the coconut oil on my face and I use this Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever Oil from Living Libations. I got this on The Raw Food World when they had it on sale (their sales are the best!).

Before I apply any oil to my face, I apply lotion and let it set in. I switch on and off with Avalon Organic Vitamin C Renewal Cream (from Target) and Soignee MSM Facial Creme (from The Raw Food World). Lately, I have been using the Soignee creme a lot on my face. For under my eyes I like Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment. I apply this morning and night (same with the face lotion) and I find this at Target. I also like 100% Pure's eye cream, but I ran out, and this was handy!

Once a week I like to use a mask on my face or an exfoliating wash (for that I forgot a picture, but I use one from The Raw Food World made by Living Libations). For a mask I like 100% Pure's Pineapple Enzyme Peel Mask. I find this on Amazon or at the 100% Pure website.

I am big on having my lips moist. I have a lip balm in a couple of rooms in my house and of course next to my bed. When I want a little color, I like Hurraw's Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm (from The Raw Food World), I also like their night treatment and vanilla balm. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Lip Balm tastes great and keeps my lips soft. I get that from Whole Foods. 

For deodorant, I really LOVE Pristine Beauty Deodorant (I got on Amazon, or you can find on their site), but again, I ran out and never reordered. The price is higher then I would normally spend but it lasts FOR-EVER!!!! And it actually really works! Most natural ones seem to be sucky. Ha! I also like this one, that I get at Whole Foods for cheap!

I have been pretty relaxed with my hair lately. But when I blow dry it I love this Scary Hairy oil from Pristine Beauty (Amazon or their website), when I was losing a lot of hair I used John Masters Organic Deep Scalp Treatment for volume (from Whole Foods), and now when I let my hair dry naturally I like to spray it with Shea Moisture Mist to keep it from frizzing (from Target).

Finally, I am in love with this perfume from Ami Beach, her "Nectar by Ami" are the purests oils for anointing yourself. Angel Wings smells just like Angel perfume. I would never use real perfume (can't even stand the stinky chemical smell). I was gifted this for my birthday last year, and I still have a lot left. A little goes a long way, although I would love to try her other scents in her beautiful new packaging topped with an energy crystal! You can find these here.  I want to try Amrita next!


I'll be back next week with what makeup products I like! Happy Beauty Day! XO


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