Weekend Fun: NYC, Movies and Tacos!

March 30, 2015

 Hi There! I hope you had a nice weekend! On Friday, I had a check up in NYC with my GI and everything is going very well! 

 I haven't had any issues with the jpouch (knock on wood), and I am living a normal life again, those are the best results one could get! She was very happy to see I was pregnant since this can be an issue with a jpouch. She also mentioned that my small intestine looked great from the last biopsy they did which means no signs of Crohn's, so like we thought, I was suffering for years with the wrong diagnosis. I must say, hearing I have Ulcerative Colitis is a relief since surgery is the best management and it can not come back (and I will not need meds). If I had Crohn's instead, following surgery they would of wanted me on medication to "prevent" the Crohn's from returning since surgery isn't a "cure". (I use the word "cure" loosely because some say, once you have an auto immune disease it never goes away, but for me, I feel cured and that is all that matters!). ;) We usually hit up a health food store after my appointments, but T had to go back to work, so we were in and out. Oh well, next time! 

 On Saturday, we had another errand day, but before that, Little A reminded me of how in tune she is when she was holding onto my citrine and amethyst stone. She is such an old spirit driven soul. 

 We had to get a few things at Target and I couldn't resist this romper for her! I wish they had my size! Although, I don't seen my pregnant self looking very cute in this. Hehe!

 After that, we got lunch at Fresh Press Juice Co: kale chips, acai bowls and a Tropical Rose smoothie for Little A. Her smoothie was pineapple, strawberries, banana and coconut water.

 On Sunday, we were up bright and early for a family trip to the movies! This is on my 31 while 31 list! YAY! Here are the snacks we brought: Rootbeer Kombucha, dried mangos, kale chips, a GoGo Squeez and yellow raisins. I also made some popcorn on the stove with coconut oil for Little A and T to enjoy. So many people commented on how I fit this all in my purse, LOL, actually it all fit fine and my purse isn't really that big. I also got a few comments on the amount of food.. Come on people! I am 23 weeks pregnant! HA HA! In all honesty, Little A ate most of it, we brought some popcorn and raisins home with us. But for 3 people (and by the way, Little A can eat!), I don't think this was too crazy. ;)

 When we got home, we played in the yard, which meant Little A got to drive her Frozen Mustang around. 

 After that, it was tacos for dinner! I made rice and bean tacos with organic fixings!

 Yes, I ate 4, hahaha! My pregnancy appetite has finally arrived!


Have a great day! 


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