Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas and Tips

April 1, 2015

This will be the first Easter that my daughter will have some "candy" in her Easter basket. She's 4 years old now and asked me for jelly beans and chocolate. I really don't consider chocolate candy since I make it myself (or buy high quality raw chocolate) and cacao has many health benefits, but the jelly beans are a different story. I ended up finding organic, fruit sweetened, dye free, no artificial ingredients jelly beans from Whole Foods, Surf Sweet is the brand. I have to admit, after buying them and having them on my mind, I've been craving jelly beans! So I'll probably steal a few on Easter Day. ;) Anyway, for all the years before this one, I have filled Little A's basket with other goodies, usually books, stuff for the Summer (bathing suits, clothes, beach toys), a stuffed toy and maybe a new bow or fun pair of socks. For our annual Easter egg hunt in the yard, we fill them with coins (and a few dollars here and there so she can buy herself something). This year Little A loves Shopkins! In case you don't know, these are little tiny grocery store items that come in surprise bags. They have fruits and vegetables, household supplies and other cute mini items. The fun is that you never know what you will get because they come in "blind bags". The element of surprise is intriguing to Little A.

 This is a "Shopkin", a little avocado! 

We bought her a few packs of Shopkins along with a princess bathing suit, a couple of books, a look and find book (she loves these!), a tshirt for the Spring and a make your own fairy magnet set. I'll post a picture next week when the basket is all done up!

Anyway, I wanted to share some non-candy ideas I have used in the past for her and for my niece.

 The basket I will be giving my niece this year: coloring book, 2 reading books, a stuffed animal, a bathing suit, a pinwheel and a sippy cup.

1. A stuffed toy. I find kids usually enjoy receiving a stuffed bunny or other animal for Easter.

2. Beach stuff! You would think that kids wouldn't enjoy something they won't be able to use for a few months but I've always found getting Little A a new bathing suit, sunglasses, or beach toys gets her excited for the months ahead.

 When Little A was younger we got her a Leap Pad laptop, a bathing suit, wooden toys and new sandles

3. Coloring books, crayons, stickers, anything "crafty", this is a cheap and fun thing that they can enjoy on Easter or in the near future (for Spring break perhaps). Crafts and coloring keep Little A busy for hours!

4. Books! We read a few books a night so we usually end up repeating books numerous times. While we enjoy going to the library for new books, it is also fun to get a new book. As I mentioned, Little A loves look and find books, she's very into anything interactive so these are fun for her to do.

 Little A's first Easter basket with books, an organic onesie, a "green" toy and an organic dolly

5. A new cup, plate, straw.. They will enjoy having their Easter meal on a new plate or with a new cup.

6. A new movie to watch or tickets to go to the movies. Another fun idea that will be useful during Spring break.

7. Dress up clothes. Not just for girls! I know boys love dressing up as firemen or super heros. Last year we got a Little A an Elsa dress and she wore it all Easter Day!

 Last years basket with Elsa doll and matching dress (along with a jump rope, puzzle, bathing suit and socks)

8. This is more of a girl thing but nail polish, lip balms (with no color), lotion. Little A loves using my lotions and lip glosses so I started buying her, her own. 100% Pure has fun kid lotions and body washes, Piggy Paint makes non toxic "Natural and Mud" nail polish and in Whole Foods, where the lip balms are they have an assortment of chemical free, colorless lip balms. Little A likes the brand EOS because they comes in a fun shape and the containers are fun colors.

 EOS lip balm: fun, natural and cute!

9. Puzzles or Board Games. Little A is now at the age where she loves having family game night. We usually play a game (we like this one, this one, and this one a lot), or do a puzzle.

10.  When all else fails, go with a toy! Maybe something they've been wanting or a bunch of little toys (like Shopkins). For some reason miniature things are really popular with kids!


Target has an awesome section of cheap fun kid things. Nothing is more then $3 and I usually find coloring books, crayons, books, socks, BPA free cups, headbands, etc in this spot.

 From the bins at Target, a fun activity book with stencils, stickers, blank pages, markers and velvet coloring pages. This was $3!

The Dollar Store also has a lot of small things that are perfect. From jump ropes to plastic eggs for an Easter egg hunt.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx have a great book section for a lot cheaper then Target and Barnes and Noble.

Harmons is also a surprising spot for fun stuff. They have everything from "Frozen" hair clips and headbands to Easter window clings for $1 a sheet.

This post was not sponsored and nothing I mentioned here was given to me by the companies.


Hoppy Easter! ;)

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