Pregnancy Talk: My 25 Week Update

April 8, 2015

Hi! Today I am sharing my 25 week pregnancy update! :)

 25 Week Pregnant Belly!



Good. Still tired but not as much as I was. I haven't had the rib pain I had with Little A and no other real aches or pains to report. My lower back feels sore at times. Sleeping is now uncomfortable. I really need one of those pregnancy pillows. For now I'm sleeping on my sides and it's not comfortable moving around with a bigger belly. I'm feeling the baby kick a lot now and sometimes I can see it from the outside. I love that! I've been trying to catch it on video but I haven't had any luck. Little A tries to feel her kick but really hasn't. T felt it a few times. I've definitely grown all over. I'm not swelling at all. With Little A I think my wedding ring stopped fitting around month 4, I'm now in my 6th month and they aren't even tight. Same with clothes, I'm still in the maternity clothes I bought in my first trimester although my belly is getting tighter in the tops. All my maternity pants are still feeling roomy and comfortable, haven't gone up a size. Bending over is now an issue. I feel very uncomfortable when I do so. Same with lifting Little A up. She's very light, but lifting her is exhausting. Luckily she doesn't need to be lifted much. My hair is really great now. I hope it stays this way forever! Haha! Weight gain has been steady and average now. I definitely feel very big but I don't mind. I feel like a goddess when I'm pregnant. I love growing a baby! I am one of those people who loves being pregnant. This is probably my last though so I'm really enjoying every second. My blood pressure has been normal and I had my gestational diabetes test on Monday, so I'm waiting for those results. I'm not worried though. My vitamin d is in the optimal range and all my other vitamin levels are in the normal besides my blood count which is always on the lower side due to thalsemmia anemia.

I'm walking a lot with all the errands we do. I also have been enjoying when the weather is warm by sitting outside getting my vitamin d.  I'm still doing Denise Austin pregnancy workouts on YouTube. These aren't the best workouts but they are quick and light enough that I'm not over doing it. I do the cardio and the strength 3-5 days a week. Keeping up with Little A is a workout itself. I hope to start walking outside now that it's getting warmer.


Tomatoes with salt and pepper
Jelly beans (I know, eek! Had a few organic, dye free ones on easter to get rid of the craving. They were goooood)
Kale chips
Bbq sauce (this was short lived..)
Zucchini noodles
Romaine lettuce
Carob (but I haven't been able to find any)
Raw wraps

 Falafel and hummus from a local take out place! So GOOD!

 Tomatoes with ground pepper and pink salt.. Oh how I love thee!

 Raw coconut wraps stuffed with all sorts of veggies! I love these!

 More tomato goodness.. Topped with guacamole and on raw bread with guacamole and ground pepper.

 I recently got Barely Grass Juice Powder after reading that is a great supplement to take during pregnancy. I add a teaspoon to my smoothies.

 I am obsessed with fruit! If I wasn't pregnant, I could see myself living on fruit right now!

 See what I mean? I am even making fruit from Play-doh with Little A! He he!

 And finally, some organic clothing and burp clothes I found at Marshalls. All of this was only $15 total! I would use a lot of the clothing left ver from Little A, but she was born in the Fall and this is a Summer baby, so the sizes don't match the seasons! 




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