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April 15, 2015

Hi Glamorous People! Today I am giving you part two of my beauty post. You can read part one here. Today it's all about makeup! I am a creature of habit when it comes to makeup, when I find something I like, I stick with it. That being said, as I mentioned in my last post, when I run out of something, I tend to forget to order more and usually end up at Target or Harmons looking for a replacement. I only use natural products so this can be hard, but is becoming a lot easier. Whole Foods has a huge makeup section and 100% Pure has been opening up stores in the U.S. My friend Rawdorable recently visited the one near her. Lucky gal! Anyway, Harmons sells a lot of Organic Wear and Burts Bees products and Target has Burts Bees as well. I spotted a few 100% Pure products in the Ulta near me, which is awesome! They also carry mineral makeup which tends to be more natural. Some of the brands I favor, I don't own anything in. Ha ha, that's because the ones I really like tend to be more expensive, so I have gone for the next best. You can find most of these products on Amazon as well, or directly on the company site. Here is a list of brands I enjoy:

100% Pure
Burts Bees
Organic Wear
RMS Beauty
Concrete Minerals
Zoya for nail polish
Bare Minerals (I like their eyeliner a lot)

Okay, so here is what I'm using..


 My favorite for lip gloss are 100% Pure and Burts Bees. Both brands stay on well and have a wide variety of colors. I have never been one for lip stick, I find it dries my lips out, but these glosses moisturize and have vitamin E in them. I also love 100% Pure's fruit butter, it leaves a stain on your lips without looking too glossy. Perfect when you don't want to look too done up.

 I have a couple of mascaras I really like. 100% Pure makes a great one, that is top on my list but I also like Gabriel and Organic Wear (pictured below). For blush I also like Gabriel (above).

 The Organic Wear mascara has been my favorite yet. My eyes pop when I use it and my lashes look really long!

 Speaking of Organic Wear (can you guess who set up this picture?), I love their powder and tinted face cream. 

 For imperfections, I use Gabriel's cover up. I just dab on spots and under my eyes (by the way, Gabriel can be found at Whole Foods and is one of the cheaper makeup brands they sell there, which is why I have a few of their products. 

 For eyeliner I really like 100% Pure and RMS beauty. I find the RMS beauty liner is little more difficult to apply, I use a very thin brush, but it can get messy so I need a steady hand when using that. Ha ha!

 For eyeshadow I have a few favorites, one again, 100% Pure makes some pretty colors and palettes, but I also really like Concrete Beauty (this is my favorite, I actually got it as a sample and it's lasted very long) and Pacifica. 

 For brushes I like EcoTools, they are made from earth friendly materials and are very soft and apply makeup very well. I got them from Target but I have seen them in Harmons and Whole Foods as well.


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, please leave a comment, I will try to answer as best I can! See ya later, beauties! xo


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