Grocery Hauls

April 17, 2015

Hey! If you are like me you really enjoy looking at what people buy at the grocery store. I always find myself peeking into other carts or on the conveyor belt to see if the person is buying similar stuff to me. I get very excited when I see a cart with only produce, I automatically want to be the person's BFF. Hehe! Anyway, I noticed a trend on Instagram where people post their "produce hauls" or "fruit hauls". This is very inspiring and the colors make me so excited! I am very much a produce nerd and lately, fruit is my thang! I never thought I would go to the fruity side of raw food, it really wasn't any interest to me but lately I've been very interested in the fruit life. Maybe it's pregnancy cravings, but I would to explore this more once I have the baby. I'm not looking for any major detox since I will be breastfeeding but I would like to ease into a more fruity lifestyle. I know that I need a deep detox which will take years, but I would like to start off slow (especially while breastfeeding). Dr. Robert Morse has become a huge interest to me. Check out his YouTube videos for great information.

Back to this post... I've been taking pictures of my occasional grocery hauls and I thought it would be fun to share. Let me know if you like posts like this, I'll be sure to do more in the future!


You will see most of my shopping is done at Trader Joes and Whole Foods, I like to hit them both up a few times a month, if not weekly. Costco I will go to once a month. Also, I want to note, these pictures are only of the highlights of my groceries. I didn't post special food I get for T or A, or any of the non-fresh items I buy. Also, once the Farmer's Market opens, I will be there weekly for my goodies!

 The was a trip to Trader Joes, I tend to go there a lot because we have one right in town. This was mandarins, sliced mango and watermelon (for Little A), frozen organic figs, organic avocados, organic sweet potatoes, organic carrots, organic kale, organic cucumbers, organic bananas and organic celery. 

 Another Trader Joes haul: organic cherry tomatoes, coconut water, organic hummus, organic frozen figs (by the way, I add them to smoothies), organic green beans, raw sauerkraut, organic kale, organic bananas, organic lemons, organic spinach, organic pears, organic carrots and organic bananas.

 This Trader Joes haul got my belly in the pic! Ha ha! Freeze dried mango, organic lemons, organic baked tofu, organic kale, freeze dried bananas, organic hummus, fresh pressed orange juice, Pure Bars, organic peanut butter, Dr. Bronners Soap, organic olive oil, raw sauerkraut, organic strawberries, organic pears and organic potatoes. 

 I also want to mention, I am really not a big fan of the produce at Trader Joes, I like to go there for organic produce that is cheap. But, if there were more options, Trader Joes wouldn't be my go to place. This haul: fresh pressed orange juice, frozen mango, organic zucchini, avocados, organic pears, organic apple sauce, Pure Bars, freeze dried mango (Little A love these), organic lemons, coconut water, organic carrots, oranges, mango, organic broccoli slaw, organic tomatoes, organic kale, organic bananas, organic spinach.

 This was from Whole Foods: Mountain Vallet Spring Water, a pineapple, a Young Thai Coconut, Champagne Mangos, fresh guacamole, organic romaine, a Temple Turmeric Milk drink, coconut date rollsand organic mixed greens.

 This was my fruit haul from Costco: organic bananas, champagne and regular mangos (Little eats at least one a day!), pineapple and a cantaloupe. 

 I got this cool basket from Home Goods, I love displaying my pretty fruit in it!

 Lots of goodies from Whole Foods: organic limes, organic strawberries, organic tomatoes, organic bananas, organic lemons, a Young Thai Coconut, avocados, mangos and a baby watermelon.

 And finally, another Whole Foods haul: organic bananas, tangerine oranges, organic lemons, a grapefruit, organic strawberries, coconut water, organic dandelion greens and raw cashew milk.



Have a great weekend! XO


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