Warm Weekend Fun

April 20, 2015


Bring me back! Right now there is a Monsoon going on out my window. I am wet from walking Little A into school and I am cold because we have our heat shut off because of work being done to our house. But anyway, HAPPY MONDAY! Ha, what a way to start! I am still dreaming of the beautiful weather we had this weekend.. Let me take you there..


 Friday started off just beautifully when I noticed this tulip that popped up in my yard. Hello Spring!

 T brought home a lemon tree that was grown with Non-Gmo seeds! Score!

 Saturday, Little A and I drove down to my parent's house while T had a race to run. Perfect time for a belly selfie! I am just now entering my third trimester (27 weeks)! Time is flying!

 Little A, my Mom and I took a ride to Seed to Sprout organic, vegan grocery to stock up on some goodies and grab lunch. Above is the collard wrap that Little A requested. Filled with sprouts, tomatoes, carrots, purple cabbage and cashew "cheese".

 She loves a good collard wrap! That's my girl! She also wanted a vegan, gluten free cookie. The girl can eat!

 For lunch, I got my favorite, their raw pizza with a kale salad on the side. SO GOOD! I also grabbed these Evo Hemp raw bars that I really liked, their raw tahini dressing and Little A and I could drink with a straw, some Jana Sweet cookies (YAY, they still have them!) and some hemp tofu (soy free) that I will be trying out this week!

 T brought my home this cold pressed, non-gmo watermelon juice to enjoy on Sunday morning. What a treat! The weather made me feel like it was finally Summer. 

 For lunch we went to a local grocery store for a variety of goodies to enjoy at home. We had vegetable rolls, fresh fruit, organic kale chips, kale salad with olives, beans and artichoke hearts and T had a sandwich too (not worth my picture.. HA ha!).

 After that we went to Home Depot where I found a big sign that stated "Bonnie Plants are grown from Non-Gmo Seeds" and they also happened to be 5 for $10! I couldn't resisit. I find it hard to find 100% organic herbs to grow at home, and the price was right! I got mint, basil, parsley, rosemary and a strawberry plant that Little A really wanted. I am going to try to grow it inside so that the bunnies don't eat all the berries. My sun room is the perfect spot for my new plants! 

 For dinner we were still full from lunch, so we just snacked. Little A and I really enjoyed having peppers with the tahini dressing I got on Saturday. Yum!


This post actually brightened up my morning! Maybe Monday isn't so bad? ;) I hope you had a nice weekend! XO


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