Tales in Parenting: Breastfeeding, Cosleeping, Babywearing, Oh My!

April 29, 2015



Hey! Today I wanted to share a little more about my plans when my baby comes. I was recently asked if I will be nursing, baby wearing and cloth diapering and that inspired me to post this.

The answer to that question is yes to both nursing and baby wearing! I did both with Little A, nursed her until she was 3 and since she was so light, I wore her for walks and hikes until I had my surgeries when she was 3 as well.

I delayed solids with Little A until she was 8 months, I will do the same as long as the baby isn't showing a bunch of signs that she is ready for solids earlier. They say the longer you delay the better for their immune systems and of course their main source of nutrition for the first year should be breastmilk. So with Little A she had only a few foods before her first birthday. I never used rice cereal, we did mashed banana with breastmilk, soft apples, avocado, sweet potato. I also didn't purée anything, kept them chunky for her and let her feed herself. Not quite Baby Led Weaning, but sort of our own version that worked for us. Even on her first birthday we didn't have "smash cake", she had avocado mixed with carob and she loved it!

As for cloth diapering, I wanted to try it with Little A, but it was a lot at the time, so I never attempted to try but always used earth friendly, chlorine free diapers (we like Seventh Generation best) and wipes.

Baby wearing was something I enjoyed more when Little A was older. As a first time Mom I don't think I was confident enough to feel secure with her on me like that. Instead I just carried her all the time and nursed her on the couch day in and day out. This time around with more than one child, that won't be possible so I definitely see a lot of baby wearing in my future. I have an organic Ergo with a newborn insert and an organic Moby wrap. I also am hoping to get the Baby K'Tan which looks easy to get on and off. The Moby requires some work to get on and the Ergo is better for older babies so I think that one would be perfect for convenience and for a newborn.

We also following cosleeping which I love! Little A slept with us until the end of last Summer when she decided she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed. Even now T or I lay with her until she falls asleep and if she wakes up and wants to sleep with us, she hops right in. Our bed will never be off limits. I'm sure she will want to spend more time in our bed once the baby comes. We will do this safely by having her on one side of me and the baby on the other. Should be comfortable! ;) I found cosleeping to be best for our family because it allowed me to sleep more! Haha! Waking up at night and having to leave the room, get the baby, nurse her and then hope she stays asleep once I put her back in her crib was not happening! With the baby near me, I could just place her on me and let her nurse until she falls asleep then unlatch her and let her sleep peacefully. No movement necessary! This was a great article I read recently on cosleeping in case you want more info.

 Although the baby won't be sleeping in her nursery, she will one day sleep in her room so we are still decorating. I made this "S" for her room yesterday. Trying to save where we can, I am getting crafty! ;) 

As for "baby products", I like to use only the most natural pure stuff on my kids. With Little A I used a lot from "Earth Mama Angel Baby". This time I will do the same and try some newer products like those from The Honest Company. This brand wasn't around when Little A was a baby and now I can buy right at Target! I use to have to order everything on Amazon, so having much easier access to this stuff now will be a real blessing. I added a lot of organic clothing to my registry (which is mainly a list of products I would like to buy myself, but if any family or friends wants to give a gift, they can go there to see what we need), but I won't use only organic clothing. Again, with Little A, this stuff was so much harder to come by and so expensive. Now I am finding Burts Bees organic clothing at Marshalls and even Babies-R-Us carries some organic clothes.

 Organic clothing from Marshalls

I've always dreamed my second labor would be a natural, beautiful, calm labor since my labor with Little A was anything but. With her I had an emergency csection after her heart rate dropped, fast. I opted for another csection due to different circumstances this time after have my jpouch surgery. I'm totally for anyone having a natural birth and home birth but again, I am doing what is best for me. I am going to try to have a better csection though and after reading this article I think it's possible. I will talk to my doc about having skin on skin contact right after and also having soft music playing. This time will be a lot different too because it is planned.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I want to mention that everyone and every family is different and has different needs. Please don't feel pressured to do something you don't feel works for you. I don't look down on any Mother, we are all just trying to do our best and sometimes that means different approaches.


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