Fruit, Fruit, Glorious Fruit!

May 1, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I've mentioned how much I'm loving fruit during my pregnancy and how I can see my self really digging into a fruit "detox" down the road (not while nursing, but I will up my fruit intake for a slow detox). I've been inspired a lot by my friend Lauren who is right now studying under Dr. Robert Morse who also fascinates me. I've been slowly reading through the Detox Miracle Handbook and all the info really makes sense to me.


I have to say, I was always skeptic of high fruit diets but lately it seems to make a lot of sense. I was on medication for 8 years, so even though I had my colon removed, I know I need a deep detox. Having my colon removed definitely improved my life 100% but it didn't solve the issue of why I became sick in the first place. Also, I will always have an auto immune disease, with or without my colon, so this can show up anywhere else in my body.  My guess is lots of acidic build up in my body caused my IBD so I want to detox it out before anything else comes up. That being said, I am really looking to give a high fruit diet a go. Lauren recently wrote all about fruit on her blog, you can read "Why We Shouldn't Fear Fruit Sugar". A great read for those that feel negative toward fruit (I get a lot of "all that sugar isn't good for you).

I plan on discussing my plan of action more down the road. But for now I will make your mouth water with lots of "Fruit Porn".

 Vitamin C for beautiful skin

 Delicious, juicy watermelon

 Young Thai Coconut 

 Unsweetened, unsulphured, dried persimmon

 Fruit stash: baby watermelon, champagne mangos, avocados, cantaloupes, mangos, bananas, pears and Campari tomatoes (the best tasting tomatoes, ever!)

 Mangos.. Beautiful, glorious, mangos!

 Bananas, dates and vanilla

 An orange in the sunshine

 Cantaloupe in the grass

 My new favorite smoothie: bananas, dates and barley grass juice powder



Go Fruit Yourself! ;)


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