Pregnancy Talk: 29 Week Update!

May 6, 2015


Hi! I am now 29 weeks pregnant and my delivery is scheduled to be in about 10 weeks! Ah! I can't believe it! Anyway, I wanted to share my latest up with you all. In-joy!

 29 weeks!

Cucumber salad with red onion
Fruit as always: mangos, cantaloupe, watermelon
Ice cream bars
Coconut water
Kale cooked in lots of garlic, olive oil and salt
Tofu "dogs" I would love to get something more natural and not processed. I've had a couple of tofu dogs on gluten free buns with lots of kraut and relish.
Baked beans. Another Summer favorite of mine. I buy vegan baked beans that come in a BPA free can.
Campari Tomatoes
Veggie burgers (Sunshine Burgers or Hilary's) mashed up in a salad with lots of hummus

 This was so lovely one afternoone: romaine, campari tomatoes and avocado sprinkled with Real Salt and ground pepper

 Mango is just the best ever! 

 Nettle leaves for tea that I make a few nights a week and let cool overnight then use in my morning smoothies. Nettles are wonderful for pregnant mommas!


Tired. Haha, I think I say that every update but now it's more due to the fact that it's hard to get comfortable while sleeping. There isn't one position that feels right.

 I haven't had any aches or pains. When I was pregnant with Little A, I had horrible rib pain and when she was born I had problems with my ribs popping out of place. That was very painful until I saw a chiropractor and got it fixed. This time around, nothing! No hip or back pain either!

One new thing is mood swings and being very emotional. I remember I was that way throughout my entire pregnancy with Little A, but all those hormones are just now hitting me in the third trimester. Eek! I could cry over nothing for like 45 minutes then realize how silly it is and laugh. It's so weird being pregnant!


I'm still keeping up the Denise Austin pregnancy workouts. I've started the third trimester workout now. I'm also doing some free prenatal yoga workouts on YouTube and I'm taking walks now that the weather is so nice.

 Took a beautiful family walk last night in the woods at the end of our street

10 weeks till my scheduled delivery! Can't believe how fast time is going! I'm not prepared at all! Hehe! XO




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