Mother's Day Weekend!

May 11, 2015

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend and a beautiful Mother's Day! We had a very long and busy weekend, so I will keep it short! ;)


 On Friday when I picked up Little A from school she had a Mother's Day gift for me. She couldn't wait until Sunday and had to give it to me as soon as we got home! They grew the yellow flower from seed and the other one she picked out at their "Flower Patch" at school. I was in tears, obviously!

 After that, we went to Whole Foods for some groceries. I was in the seaweed section when I spotted these Kelp Krunch bars. I had remembered two of my good friends saying how delicious they were, so I bought one. I was worried they may have a strong kelp flavor but they didn't at all! Next week I will be stocking up on these!

 On Saturday, we went down to see our families for Mother's Day. First we went to lunch where I had a delicious grilled vegetable plate. After that, we stopped at the health food store for some goodies (everything pictured was delicious), then went to see my parents and grandparents.

 On our way out of town, it was late, and we were hungry! So we stopped at Dean's Natural Market for dinner. I had raw vegan eggless salad with some kale krackers from Awesome Foods (very good and they make a few other flavors I hope to try). I also had my favorite Rebbl Reishi Chocolate drink and coconut water. 

 Sunday morning, I woke up to beautiful cards, a little orchid and a fresh juice from T and Little A! I am so blessed!

 We headed into NYC for brunch at my favorite place ever, Quintessence! Little A couldn't wait to have a fresh apple juice!

 T and I both had a "Coconut Shake" to start with. This is just blended coconut meat and water. So creamy and rich!

 Little A had an ice cream parfait for lunch. I know what you are thinking, "Ice cream for lunch?" Well, in my book it's okay since the ice cream was just coconut meat and cashews topped with fruit. Raw and vegan, and a fun treat that she really enjoyed. I could barely snap this picture because she was so excited to dig in!

 T enjoyed his favorite dish there, chia pudding. They make it with fresh cashew milk, and it is really to live for!! I didn't get a picture of his because I was too excited to try my raw club sandwich! I usually get their raw vegan burger, but this time they had the club sandwich available and I have heard great things, so needless to say, I was really excited to try! This totally "wowed" me! The "cream cheese" dressing was dynamite and their sprouted kamut bread is always spot on! I probably could of eaten two! Hehe! YUM!

 After that we took a walk next door to the crystal shop and then to Live Live which is an all raw little grocery store. Here I am with Little A, I am 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

 At Live Live I got my Mother's Day gifts, haha, my favorite kind of gifts, RAW FOOD! I bought raw biscotti, corn crackers and some banana bread. I haven't tried the bread but the others are really good!

 When we got home we sat outside and enjoyed the 90 degree weather! Little A played in her kiddie pool and we shared some watermelon. Talk about my kind of day!

 For dinner, T grilled us some asparagus and organic corn. We also had vegan baked beans and pasta salad that I made on Friday. I just boiled gluten free quinoa pasta, let it cool in the fridge for a few hours then added in chopped red onions, celery, scallions, olives and Hampton Creek vegan/soy free/gmo free mayo. What a perfect day! My last Mother's Day with one child. I really wonder what next year will bring! ;) 


Have a beauty-filled day! XO


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