What I'm Loving Lately

May 15, 2015

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a nice week! This weekend is my baby "sprinkle". If you don't know what that is, it is a party for the second baby being born. They call it a sprinkle because it's smaller than a shower would be. My sister and mother wanted to throw me a little party for the baby, especially after the year I had last year, so it will be nice to celebrate how far I have come and our newest little girlie. Anyway, today I am sharing somethings I am loving lately. Enjoy!


 My obsession with fruit told me that I needed to order this phone cover from Etsy. LOL! Isn't it the cutest?

 I have been loving using my dehydrator lately. I seem to go through phases where I use it a lot, and then not at all. Last week I dehydrated apple slices (just simple apples, nothing fancy).

 And tomatoes. I got this idea from my friend Lauren. I just sliced Campari tomatoes and sprinkled them with Real Salt and Nutritional Yeast. So good! Nice and chewy!

 My obsession with fruit has me buying any clothes that have fruit on them for Little A and I. I got Little A this kiwi dress at Target. 

 I mentioned in my beauty post about how much I love Harmons for natural products. I needed a bunch of stuff I ran out of and Harmons came to the rescue! Look at all these goodies!

 Mmmm... I love "cantaloupe milk", just blend cantaloupe with a little ice and water. So simple!

 These Go Raw cookies save me from other yucky cravings! Love them!

 And finally, I had a craving for potato salad this week and when I found a recipe on Pinterest that had pickles and pickle juice in it, I had to make it! So good!!! I use Hampton Creek soy free/vegan mayonaise. Delicious! 



What are you loving lately? Have a nice weekend! XO 


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