I Was Sprinkled!

May 18, 2015

 Hey Everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend! As I mentioned in my last post, my Sister and Mother threw me a "Sprinkle" this past weekend. For those that don't know, a Sprinkle is a party for a second (or third, fourth, so on) child that isn't as big as a shower. Most tend to have them if they are having a baby of the opposite sex of that they already have, or in my case, if the other child is older (Little A is 4.5 now). It is also a nice way to celebrate the new addition, because as I feel, every child should be celebrated, not just the first! ;)

 Beautiful centerpieces with organic honey as favors. My Mom and Sister did a beautiful job (and everyone else that helped out, including my Dad!).

 My Sister made fresh squeezed lemonaide sweetened with honey. 

 There was a delicious vegetable plater with hummus.

 My Sister also made a quinoa salad that was so fresh and vibrant. She added fresh basil which was a really nice touch!

 My Mother-in-law makes the best salads, she brought this one.

 We had regular sandwiches and other non-plantbased food, but also, my Mom ordered collard wraps with cashew "cheese" from Deans Natural Market. YUMMMMM!

 My talented Sister-in-law made this fruit baby! How adorable is that? This was a huge hit!

 And finally, the most delicious vegan, gluten free brownie chocolate chip cookies that my Sister made! She posts a lot of great info on her business page on Facebook here. I will have to tell her to share her yummy recipes!

 Finally, here I am with my Sister and Mom. Thanks for throwing me a beautiful, delicious Sprinkle!!! :) 





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