People and Pages I am Loving Lately

May 20, 2015

Hey there!

I've been coming across some really awesome pages lately and I thought I'd share.


First is someone I've been following for awhile: Ellen Fisher of Mango Island Mamma. She is a gorgeous fruit eating vegan from Hawaii with an adorable toddler, Elvis and new baby, Sandy. She had two vegan pregnancies and is raising her kids in the same kind compassionate way her and her husband live. If you guys think Little A eats well, you should see Elvis! I love her YouTube page and her Instagram.

Next is someone I came across recently: Michelle from BananaBlondie108. She has some really great videos including yoga videos and highlights of her kids vegan lunch boxes. I like that her videos are brief and she is very down to earth (warning, she does curse sometimes). She follows a plant based lifestyle high in fruit along with her boyfriend PlantBasedAthlete. I enjoy their SnapChat pages and website as well.

An obvious person I adore: Dara Dubinet. Her down to earth videos make me feel like we are girlfriends (and I was lucky enough to meet her in real life and she is definitely the real deal). I love her videos and her More With Dara membership page for lots of inspiration and more personal stuff.

Lastly, here are a few of my newest Instagram finds for really yummy pages:
























And of course, my good friend who tells me about all these wonderful page:






Hope you enjoyed! Have a nice day! :)

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