The Sacred Earth Bars

May 29, 2015

I recently discovered the most gorgeous plantbased, gluten free, nut-free, organic, high raw bars I have ever seen. My friend from Just Glow With Health had posted a few pictures of Sacred Earth Bars on Instagram and I immediately contacted the company asking if they would be interested in a review. Lucky for me they replied quickly and had no problem with sending me samples. About a week later I had 3 gorgeous bars in my hands: Autumn Immune, Summer Love and Winter Serenity. Each one prettier then the next. These bars are not only gorgeous, but delicious! They look super healthy (and they are) but they taste totally naughty! Like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!! Nothing like a super healthy bar that doesn't taste healthy. Hehe! With ingredients like local honey (some are purely vegan others "casual vegan" with honey), barely grass, alfalfa, passionflower, Yerba mate and many more wonderful herbs. They even contain plant based protein and probiotics. The perfect filling snack. I had to pace myself not to eat them all in one day. But in three days, they were long gone.

Want to see what I mean about beautiful? Look at these pictures. Edible flowers make these bars healthy and pretty. To follow Sacred Earth check out their Facebook page here and their Instagram here. I am hoping to host a giveaway with them soon, so be on the look out for that!

Have a lovely weekend!


The bars came like this with a note saying to put them in the freezer. 

The next day they looked like this! So beautiful! This is the Summer Love Bar.

This was the Winter Serenity Bar.

Autumn Immune Bar.


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