Another Busy, Delicious Weekend!

June 1, 2015

HI! I hope you had a nice weekend! Happy June! Time sure is flying, in a little over a month, my new baby girl will be here! So crazy!

 Rose from my yard (check out the tour of my garden on YouTube).

 On Friday, my friend Lauren came over with some lovely gifts for Little A, the Baby and I! Little A was so happy that Lauren brought her organic cherries, that she even took them in the car to ballet class!

 Here are the AMAZING gifts she brought for the Baby and I: different variety of peppers, cucumber (white) and tomatoes (blueberry), some fresh tomatoes, a basket for my bike (I have been wanting forever), a watermelon headband (with matching bloomers), a pineapple headband, adorable little capri pants and a onesie from JCrew, essential oil perfume, a citrine stone and Dr. Morse's Superfood Blend! I am so grateful for this abundance! Wow!

 On Saturday, we had our new master bedroom sheetrocked, which meant we needed to spend some time out of the house so we took a trip to Dean's Market in Basking Ridge. Little A wanted a green juice (in her kiwi dress, because I am obsessed with fruit clothing!). 

 I grabbed a Health-Ade Kombucha in Pink Lady Apple flavor. I liked that this kombucha was very "buchi", like it tasted like kombucha and not sugar. The Pink Lady Apple flavor was very subtle. 

 We took our snacks to a nearby scenic overlook and enjoyed the view. 

 After that, we stopped by a nursery that has a variety of organic plants. We usually get our plants there but this year we got lucky and found organic plants at the local Home Depot. 

 Dean's had Hail Merry Tarts on sale, this have been my latest cravings, so I grabbed the Chocolate Mint one and enjoyed it in my back yard.

 We sat outside until it got dark and enjoyed the moon! It was a lovely Saturday night.

 Sunday, we woke up and went right back outside to enjoy breakfast. Mangos were on the menu for Little A and I!

 Little A wanted to measure my belly. Hehe! This is in our soon-to-be new bedroom!

 After we got ready for the day, T suggested we make grilled pizza for dinner! So off to Whole Foods we went. I had to have a snack, of course! The Whole Foods we went to was a little further away, a new one they just opened and the sushi bar had the most amazing variety of vegan sushi! This was the Orchid Roll: sprouts, cucumbers, carrots with organic Forbidden Rice topped with avocado and a pomegrante sauce! WOWZA! So so so so so good! I hope when the new Whole Foods opens near me that they carry this roll!

 And finally, we ended the weekend outside enjoying pizza! Mine was cheeseless and gluten free (I like Bob's Redmill gluten free pizza crust flour made with flax "eggs"), topped with broccoli rabe, eggplant, sauce and olives. Little A made her own (forgot a picture!), but it was so adorable. She wanted to make a caterpillar, so T shaped it like a caterpillar and she topped it with green peppers and olives for eyes, nose and a mouth. She is slightly obsessed with them and butterflies of course! 



Make sure to come back Wednesday! I have an AWESOME GIVEAWAY you won't want to miss out on! Hint: Remember those Sacred Earth Bars I reviewed??

Have a lovely June 1st!


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