Fruity Sorbet!

June 10, 2015

Recently a friend told me about a video she saw from Tanny Raw on YouTube where she made a fruity sorbet with just a bag of organic tropical fruit from Trader Joes and a splash of water. I have bought that frozen fruit before, so I knew my Trader Joes carried it. So off to TJ's I went in hopes to try this delicious sounding treat. As I have mentioned, fruit has been my number one craving during this pregnancy, if you told me there was a vegan/gluten free/raw chocolate cake waiting for me, I wouldn't be as excited as I was hearing about this fruity concoction. I bought one bag (no idea why I didn't buy more, I think Little A was itching to get out of the store so my mind wasn't very present) and after dinner on Monday night, I let it thaw for about 10 minutes, then added to my Vitamix with a little water. Note: Next time, I will add less water, I was worried about the burning smell coming from my Vitamix, so I added more then I would of liked. Probably would of helped to thaw it more as well. I poured it into bowls for Little A, T and I and topped with raw cacao chips (from David Wolfe's site). Little A slurped hers up so fast that she wanted another bowl, T came to the rescue and gave her his! What a guy! I think he knew not to mess with a preggo or a 4.5 year old when it comes to food! He he! I really enjoyed this delicious treat and I can't wait to get to the store and pick up some more frozen fruit to try this with. I know this isn't a new idea and many "fruity" vegans have been doing it for awhile. But I am not sure what took me so long to get on the bandwagon! Maybe because I usually want ice creamy/chocolately types of desserts, but this was still creamy and very refreshing! Of course we have banana whips often from our juice place, and sometimes at home; and when I was staying at my Mom's after surgery we enjoyed treats like this with a Yoanna (which by the way, is an awesome gadget that I need). But now I can officially say, I am hooked! I will have to post more fruity sorbets soon!


Have you made fruity sorbets? How do you like them?


Simple, creamy, satisfying! KID APPROVED! Perfection!




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