Prepping for my Baby The Natural Way

June 12, 2015

Hi! With only 5 weeks (from yesterday) left before my c-section, I am finally getting everything in order for our new little girl to arrive! I have basically been exhausting myself, but I got the nesting bug, so I can't stop! Today I wanted to share some of the fun stuff I have for our littlest girl's arrival.

I washed all her new clothing and put them in her dresser. A lot of these clothes are organic and a lot have a fruit theme. I didn't plan on being so into buying fruit clothing, it just happened. I have been buying a lot for Little A too. The theme I had going with Little A was butterflies, and she love them to this day, so maybe my new little girl will be a fruit lover! Her sister sure is!

 More clothes, lots of Burts Bees organic clothing. They are so precious and so soft. A friend got my a whole hamper full of them for my Sprinkle.

 Once again, I am planning on breastfeeding. I remember how those first few weeks are oh so well. I have my organic nursing pads and nipple butter ready! These were a blessing last time around. I also got Boobie Tubes, I never used them with Little A, but I probably should of. 

 Since this time around my c-section is planned, I got this salve from Earth Mama Angel Baby (LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS), to help me heal. 

 Lots of organic/natural toys. I am not a stickler for only natural toys and clothing, but I do like to buy them. Especially anything that could go in her mouth. I also like wooden toys. I didn't buy any of those yet. 

 Even though we will co-sleep, I like to set up her crib so she has her own space. Also, we did this with Little A and the organic quilt she had is still one of her favorites. Little A had a butterly one of course! This time I got a feathered print one from Land Of Nod. This is organic as well. I also ordered her growth chart from there. The theme for her room is sort of bohemian/woodland/shabby chic.

 I received this book as a gift and I love it! In case you don't know, Jessica Alba is one of the founders of The Honest Company. I love their products for kids and babies. I use a lot of their stuff on Little A. The best part is they are easy to find at Target, Harmons and Costco!

 Another friend send me this organic onesie, how cute is that?  I love these, in fact I buy them for gifts a lot and Little A had a few when she was a baby.

 Here is my set up as far as toiletries goes: Burts Bees powder (I didn't use this much with Little A, but always good to have), Shea Moisture Baby lotion, Honest Brand Shampoo and Body Wash and a few sample items a friend gave me, Living Libation Bottom Balm, and a thermometer and nose sucker (lol, definitely not the technical name for that). 

 And finally, our stash of diapers and wipes. I bought Honest Brand diapers because Target had them on clearance, I am excited to see how they are since they weren't around when Little A was a baby. I also have Earth's Best Diapers that were a gift and some Seventh Generation diapers (they were our favorite with Little A). All chlorine free of course! For wipes I bought a few packs that were also on clearance of Earth's Best and Seventh Generation. I would like to try the Honest Brand wipes as well, with Little A we over all liked the Seventh Generation products the best. As "crunchy" as I may seem, we do not cloth diaper. I really wanted to with Little A, but it was a huge fail because I felt very overwhelmed with her being in the NICU for a week (she swallowed meconium). I am not going to put the pressure on myself to try again, I am going to go with what I know for now.


I also have a few wraps that I used with Little A and plan on using again for babywearing. I have an organic ergo with an infant insert and an organic Moby wrap. Any other wraps you think I must have? I like the ones with the rings but there are so many options and some are so pricey!



Also, did I mention I am having my placenta encapsulated? I am totally geeking out over it! Here's WHY! 



Have a lovely weekend! XO


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