Weekend Finds

June 15, 2015


Hi! I hope you had a lovely little weekend! We are in crunch time here getting ready for the baby to arrive. Thursday will be 4 weeks until she arrives! I can't believe it! I am so excited to meet her but also wondering how everything will get done in time! Our new bedroom is just about done so now we (and by we, I mean T) have to get our furniture in there. So exciting!


 My weekend started out with a trip to Whole Foods. I grabbed a few goodies to enjoy for the weekend. I really love TigerNut Horchata. This was my second time getting it. Last time I had chai and this time I had the original, both equally delicious! I couldn't pass up organic Rainer Cherries on sale!

 Another sale item that I love is Van Leeuwen's vegan ice cream! I only buy when they go on sale because they are expensive. Little A wanted Pistachio and that sounded good to me, so that's what we got! I love the fact that they have a short list of great ingredients. YUM!

 I also had a craving for Kevita. These drinks have probiotics and are organic. A great option similar to kombucha. 

 This was little salad I enjoyed before a perinatal doctor visit on Friday. Which by the way, went great and I don't need to go back for anymore ultrasounds because the baby is right on target for size (they were worried with my j-pouch that that could be an issue). But I still have to go for my weekly check ups, only a few left!!! Anyway, this was cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, fresh basil and kraut topped with Real Salt, garlic powder and ground pepper. Delicious!

 I was also excited to receive 3 bags of Dara's Energy Tonic! These will be the perfect boost I need once the baby comes. I tried it out with hot water blended with coconut and stevia and they are divine! You can order from her website here.  

 Saturday morning, Little A (who has been checking daily) pointed out that our Mulberries have arrived! Yay!

 On Sunday, while T was working on the house, I took Little A to the newest Farmer's Market a town over. To our disappointment, it was very small with no organic produce stands. They did have a stand selling fruit blended lemonade that you could sweeten with sugar, Stevia or agave. Little A had Mango with Stevia and I had Strawberry Mint. Very refreshing!

 After that we headed to Whole Foods for lunch. She had an avocado/cucumber roll (her favorite) and I had my favorite, rice paper vegetable rolls and a kale and garlic salad. I was happy to see their "Italian Kale Salad" uses olive oil to dress it, sometimes they use Canola. Yuck.



Have a beauty filled day! XO


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