35 Week Pregnancy Update

June 17, 2015

Hi all! Here is my 35 week pregnancy update! I can't believe I'll be giving birth in just about a month!! This may or may not be my last update depending on if I am in the mood for one more update. :)


Hail merry tarts
Rice paper rolls
Nut butters
Sour cream and onion Earth Balance chips (T bought these for himself and I made the mistake of trying one. It was over after that. I needed to eat the whole bag! So so so good! And not something I normally would eat or crave).
Peppermint patties
Chocolate smoothies like milkshakes
Quinoa pasta with veggies and olives






Something I could eat with nausea.. Quinoa with avocado and kraut






How am I feeling?

Once again I was experiencing nausea. This has been a constant during this pregnancy. Never as bad as the first trimester but just to the point where I have steered away from certain foods again. I actually stopped adding protein powders to my morning smoothies and noticed it went away! I have also had a few headaches. I'm really not a person who gets headaches, so I know these are definitely hormonal. Lots of cramping and Braxton Hicks contractions going on. I can totally tell when my body is telling me to relax, sit down and drink some water. This has been really hard lately with all we have going on in preparation for the baby.  Little A is not the type of kid who lets me relax and when I do, she gets into mischief. Since I've been working so hard around the house I've been really tired and anxious. I find when I have a lot to do, I get a lot of anxiety. I still haven't had many aches. Just a few lower back aches at times and joint pain.

Having issues sleeping and DeTerra Serenity Oil mixed with coconut oil has been helping


Well, that went out the window the past month or so. I have been so busy and tired that I haven't been in the mood. I figured with all the other stuff I'm doing, I'm definitely getting some sort of exercise benefits. I want to go for walks but in the morning when I take Little A to school, I just want to relax a little and later on I am just too tired. Little A is done with school this week so we will be taking trips to the pool and beach which means more running around for me!

Time to prepare my body for birth!

This past month or so I started upping my nutrients for birth and after birth. I've been adding Blackstrap molasses to smoothies iron and calcium, using pregnancy tea in my smoothies to tone my uterus, drinking nettle tea for iron and nutrients and drinking lots of coconut and maple water for extra hydration and electrolytes for breastfeeding. I am planning on doing a post very soon with all my supplies and things I'm stocking up on for the baby and for myself and family after I give birth.


 35 Week Belly Pic

I'll announce the winner of my giveaway on Friday! Have a great day! Xoxo

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