My Mini Vacation to "The Shore"

June 26, 2015


Hi Everyone! Long time, no post! I have been on a mini vacation at "The Shore", or as we call it, HOME! Little A and I headed down to stay a few days with my parents early Monday morning (T had to work, so he couldn't come. We missed him very much!). 

We arrived and headed straight to the beach! I love being reunited with my home.

I hydrate with lots of fruit while on the beach. 

Watermelon and Peaches filled my morning while watching the waves crash. 

Also got to play with the little girlie! We went in the ocean up to her waist. The water was beautiful!


I definitely worked up an appetite from sitting in the sun. On the way back to my parents house we stopped at The Kitchen Witch for salads to-go. I had their organic, vegan Oz Salad topped with a veggie burger and vegan ranch dressing. 

We also stopped at Dean's Market for some goodies to bring to the beach the next day. 

 After that I got ready for dinner. Here I am with my 36 week baby bump!

Little A, my Mom, my Sister and I went to dinner at Good Karma Cafe. We all ordered the same thing (minus Little A), The Love Bowl. This is my favorite dish they make. It's brown rice, black beans, kale, tempeh and a spicy peanut sauce with sesame seeds. This is comfort food at it's finest! 

Little A ordered from the Kids Menu (Good Karma is an all vegan restaurant and they have a kids menu! SCORE!). She has rice noodles with steamed veggies on the side. They gave her a tamari sauce too and she dipped her veggies in it. 

Little A really wanted dessert, I was eyeing their raw donuts but they just ran out! So I got Little A chocolate cake to-go and she happily ate it when we got back to my parents house. My Sis and Mom enjoyed picking from her plate. This wasn't gluten free so I didn't have any.

Tuesday was another gorgeous morning on the beach!


 For lunch I enjoyed my raw sandwich that I grabbed at Dean's, a Rebble Reishi Chocolate Drink and a Coconut Water.

When we got back my Mom made a delicious tomato and cucumber salad with fresh basil, olives and dill.

Wednesday wasn't as sunny on the beach, but that didn't stop us from going!

I brought all my fixins for a raw sandwich and made it on the beach: a raw coconut wrap stuffed with cucumber, avocado, hummus and horseradish. I had two! ;)


Little A and I found some treasures that day!

After the beach we got ready and headed to the movies with my Mom and Sister to see Inside Out. I brought along a Rootbeer Kombucha. We all enjoyed the movie a lot! I definitely recommend seeing it, with or without kids! I cried a few times! Even during the cartoon beforehand!

I stopped at Health Fair for some more treats! We brought these to the movies as well. Jana Cookies (which they still had even though she is closing shop) and a Righteously Raw brownie. 

More snacks for the beach: raw coconut wraps, an Amrita Bar, Power Wraps, Coconut Water and Rootbeer Kombucha.

Thursday was our last day at my parent's house. This is their pup, Jeter. He loves watermelon! This was an after shot, we didn't let him eat the rind, he just licked the melon part.

Beach snacks for that day were these delicious Go Raw Spicy Fiesta Flax Snax. I have never seen this flavor before and I am now obsessed!!!! I may need to order a case!

Before heading home, we stopped at my Sister's house. She has an overflowing garden filled with organic lettuce that she could never eat all of. So we picked a bunch for lunch next week. Little A was eating the leaves right from the ground. So delicious!


I hope you all had a nice week! Enjoy your weekend!


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