Let Me Take You In My Element..

July 10, 2015


Earlier this week, T suggested we go for a short family hike after dinner. We have a beautiful reservation nearby, where we can enjoy the beauties of nature and fresh air along with getting a little exercise. I feel so in my element when I am in nature, mostly in the woods among trees or next to the ocean. I am not sure which one calms me more, but I do feel so refreshed and rejuvenated after being near both. We took the short path which was about a little over a mile, which was perfect for my 38 week pregnant self! Walking actually helps my aches and pains a lot and the fresh clean air helps me sleep a little better. Here are some pictures I took while we hiked..



 Japanese Wine Berries, I believe they are edible, but I wasn't about to risk it! ;)







 38 Week Belly!

 My Little Goose and I at the end of our hike! Next week is baby time! ;)


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