My 39th Week (FINAL) Pregnancy Update

July 15, 2015

Thursday is my csection so I am posting one last pregnancy update. As much as I'm sad to be done with this pregnancy (and possibly done forever since I don't see myself putting my body through anymore surgeries), I'm also very excited to meet our baby girl. I will miss feeling the kicks, the first time meeting her, the newborn smell, all the fun "firsts", but I will cherish each one of those moments as they come. As I did and do with Little A.

This pregnancy has been pretty great. I enjoy being pregnant (up until the last month). I love every new milestone and checking my pregnancy app (I use Ovia) daily for updates. Feeling those little hiccups and kicks is a miracle. The miracle of life and I have done this all in 9 months. What a blessed experience pregnancy is. I feel so lucky I can experience it and am forever grateful.

How I'm feeling:
Since my last update I've become pretty uncomfortable. This has been a mix of circumstances. Number one, the heat! Number 2, the baby moved into "oblique breech position. In other words, she is laying side ways across my stomach. Ouch! I can literally feel her under my ribs making it hard to move around and sleep at night. Also the pressure exhausts me and makes it difficult to breath. My doc said she would probably move from that position and I would feel relief right away. And I think she did a few times and then a few days later went back. So needless to say, I'm ready! I also read that a lot of women whose baby's are in this position tend to feel nauseous and that has been coming and going again as well.

I've also noticed my hands and feet are now a little swollen. I can still fit my shoes but my rings are too tight to put on without having to worry about them not coming off. I'm guessing the heat has caused this because they swell up during the day when I'm outdoors a lot and then go down by morning.

 39 Week Belly!

Lots of walking. We went on a short hike recently. Been taking Little A to the pool so I walk in the kiddie area of the pool.


Lately I haven't really craved anything. I'm not hungry much but I tend to get starving because of that. Like I won't eat because I'm not hungry and then it comes on like a crazy hunger monster. I've been focusing on getting my diet back to the way it was before I became pregnant which is a lot of salads, smoothies and raw food. I've been eating like that throughout pregnancy but there have been times when nothing in that realm sounded good. So I'm preparing to get back to that by stocking up on lots of fresh raw foods and goodies. I will be breastfeeding so I'll need lots of calories!

-Rice Paper Wraps. Which have been a staple craving
-Fruit. Another staple craving.
-Mac and Cheese (vegan and gluten free). I buy the Amy's organic brand made without soy and cook them in the oven
-KiteHill cream cheese. I never ever liked cream cheese but I find the chive flavored one to be really good with celery and even dates dipped in! So random! KiteHill products are artisan made with almond milk.
-Salad pizza. Yes this is a real thing on menus around here. Made without cheese and just chopped Italian salad on a gluten free crust.
-Frozen fruit blended with water to make a "sorbet".

-Live Kombucha Soda: Dr. Pepper flavor (they call Pure Doctor). I was loving the Rootbeer but lately, I am all about the Pure Doctor.


 Blended organic tropical fruit mix with raw cacao chips



 Salad Pizza with sauteed escarole

I'm excited to want my normal foods again. I miss loving smoothies and salads even though I've been eating them anyway. After I had Little A, I craved raw romaine so much! I think it was so quenching and just what I needed! I hope that happens again!

I've set up some posts for a few days in the upcoming weeks. I'll try to put an announcement post up ASAP! Thanks for reading and thanks for hanging in there during my pregnancy! ;)

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