My Baby Is Here!

July 24, 2015

Baby Siena Jade is here!

 Before leaving for my csection!

My precious angel, peanut, little lamby has arrived earth side. Siena Jade was born on Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 10:53 am weighing 6lbs 3oz and 18 inches long. I can even tell you how in love I am. So far she is very happy, alert, peaceful and calm. She sleeps like a pro (knock on wood), and eats like a little piggy! Her sister and her have bonded very well from the start. Little A is a great big sister and helper. She wants to do everything she can for "Baby S" and would love it if she was awake all day long. I wasn't sure how she would react watching me nurse another baby, or cosleep while she is in her own bed now but she has been wonderful about it all. She hasn't given me any problems in either area and those were the two areas I was worried about. She's really amazing and I'm so blessed to have both my girls.

My csection was very "uneventful" according to the doctor. Everything went smooth (not without lots of nerves and tears before hand) and I nursed her in recovery. First thing T and I said when we saw her was "she's so little!" Little A was 6 lbs 7 oz, so she wasn't that much smaller but it's been awhile since we've seen a newborn. I am still in a lot of pain. Due to all my scar tissue from my previous surgeries, the pain is more intense than for anyone who hasn't had stomach surgery. So I'm hanging out and relaxing as much as possible.

 Here she is! 

As I mentioned, breastfeeding has been very going great. She loves "the nursies" just as much as her big sister. My milk is flowing freely, haha! I'm just getting use to the new nursing "pain" again. But I know that passes quickly and I am loving every second of having her on my breast.

 Skin on skin feels so amazing!

 Sisters meeting for the first time! Love at first site!

 My girls!

 First family picture!

I had my placenta made into capsules and a tincture! I will have a whole other post on that soon! But let's just say, I am so happy I did it.

 Home sweet home! Taking it all in!

 Happy faces!

 Lots of watermelon/fruit outfits for my tiny little peanut!

So that's my baby update. I hope you all enjoyed! I have posts lined up so check back in or on my Facebook page!

Be well!

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