Other People's Food

July 27, 2015

Hey! Today I am posting a quick post (while Baby S is napping and Little A is coloring), with some recent meals that were (mostly) made for me! When a family member or a friend comes to visit and they bring me a healthy, plant-based meal, it is very helpful! T has been cooking when he has too, but it is nice for both of us to be freed up during that time so I can nurse Baby S and T can play with Little A. 


 I actually made this one.. My Sister came up to help for 2 days and while she was holding the baby, I made us salads. This is mixed greens, cucumbers, a Hilary Veggie Burger, olives and raw kraut.

 Another meal I made, but again with the help of my Sister. She brought me a sample of Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology (she sells it, so if you are interested, leave a comment with your email!), I blended it with bananas, raw almond butter, Vitamin K2/D drops, white chia seeds and topped it with Go Raw's apple rawnola. This is the kind of meal I need right now to keep my calories and fat a little higher while I am breastfeeding. 

 My Sister also took Little A to Fresh Press Juice Co to get us lunch. I had kale chips and my usual, Acai Bowl!

Speaking of breastfeeding, I've been loading up on liquids! I left Whole Foods the other day with this delicious cantaloupe juice, a few raw coconut waters, Kevita and Kombucha. I am so thirsty while breastfeeding so it's important to keep drinking.

 My "Naunee" came and brought me lentils. She is the best cook! These were so good!

 T brought home some locally made falafel and I added them to a salad with tahini, raw kraut, avocado, arugula and olives.

 My Mother-in-law (who is also gluten free and plant-based), brought Little A to the movies over the weekend. She also brought us food! This is a jar of her homemade tomato sauce.

 Vegan, gluten free, cheeseless eggplant parm she made for Little A and I.

 And gluten free pasta with olives and broccoli rabe. She also is a wonderful cook! I am very lucky to be surrounded by people who are not only wonderful cooks, but also respect my diet and make food for me. 




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