Weekends: Farmer's Market Goodies

August 3, 2015


Hi! I hope you all had a nice weekend! First I want to say Happy World Breastfeeding Week! I am pretty passionate about breastfeeding, I really love it! I nursed Little A until she was 3, and I hope to go that long with Baby S. 

 Nursing Baby S, love the comfort of my baby!

 I spend the week inside with Baby S and Little A. We do take short walks (I am still recovering from my c-section) and we have had a few guests in and out, but the weather has been in the 90's, and I can't drive yet so we are mostly inside. When the weekend came, I was ready to get out and do a few things. On Saturday, we got lunch from Fresh Press Juice Co. (An acai bowl and gluten free, vegan granola bars for me). Then we had to go to Babies R Us for a few things. Nothing too exciting.

 Sunday was the highlight of my week, we went to The Farmer's Market in Ramsey, NJ. This is a little trip for us, but we go once a Summer because it's a really great market! We didn't stay too long since the weather was pretty hot, but I got some fun new things to try!

 Ah, produce makes me smile! :)

 Little A had a great time because she got to enjoy some treats, she had an all fruit mango ice pop and a HUGE vegan/gluten free cookie. Who says plant based kids are deprived? ;)

 I took home some interesting goodies. I have never had homemade gluten free bread. So when I found some without eggs or dairy, I was very excited! The loaves were pricey, so I picked the one that sounded the best. I really loved olive bread back when I ate gluten, so this rosemary olive loaf was calling me. Oh and it doesn't disapoint. I had some last night with avocado smeared on it along side a salad for dinner. YUM! I may have to stick it in the freezer so I don't eat the whole loaf. Much better than the frozen gluten free millet bread I am use too.

 I also left with some raw Switchel, Little A enjoyed this as well.

 Of course I couldn't resist homemade, vegan, raw kimchi! I had a sample, and was hooked!

 Finally, we left with a seeded Sangria Watermelon. These are the sweetest, most sugary watermelons from what I hear. We like our watermelon cold, so we stuck it in the fridge. I will have to report back on this one because we haven't opened it yet (probably going to open it right after I finish this post). 


Have a lovely Monday!


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