What I Ate in the Hospital

August 7, 2015


Hey! Today I am sharing with you my hospital eats. I already shared my snacks that I brought with me, but these were some special treats that were brought to me. The hospital actually had a little organic cafe (the food wasn't free), where they had different kinds of burritos, stir frys and salads. They even had items marked VG for Vegan and GF for Gluten Free! So I don't have a picture, but I did have a delicious tofu and vegetable stir fry with brown rice that was made with an Organic Tamari sauce. I really wasn't very hungry the few days I was there. I think with all the pain medication, anesthesia, etc, I didn't have much of an appetite (which usually happens to me after surgery). But I was VERY thirsty! I wasn't allowed food or drink for almost 24 hours (from the night before my c-section till 8 hours after). At one point they did allow me to have ice chips, which made me vomit. LOL. Gotta love anesthesia, does it to me every single time! Plus, I was nursing right away, which is like instant thirst because all the fluids are being given to the baby. Well worth all the thirst. ;)

 My parents brought me a raw donut that they grabbed from Good Karma Cafe on their way up to watch Little A. I had them bring it to the hospital and stick it in the fridge in my room so I could have it once I felt up to it. Little A and I ended up sharing it, it was delicious but pretty rich for someone who hadn't had food for almost a whole day. 

 My Mother-in-law brought me a few raw wraps from Deans Natural Market. I stuck these in the fridge and enjoyed them for lunch a few days.

 I really craved liquids so when T told me he would grab me something at Whole Foods, I said ORANGE JUICE! This hit the spot one morning. 

 He also brought me Maple Water. Drinking this and a few coconut waters made me feel amazing. I was most likely dehydrated, so I was feeling very tired and spacey (plus the meds), but as soon as I drank this bottle and big glass of coconut water, I felt brand new! I never felt such a difference from drinking these drinks, really shows you that they do work for hydration! (Check out Baby S sleeping in the background).

 And finally, T brought me my favorite, Rainbow Rolls from Whole Foods. All raw veggies wrapped in rice paper. Delicious!





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