Weekend Eats

August 9, 2015

Hey All! This weekend Whole Foods opened up literally 5 minutes away from my house (I know, I am in trouble), so I had to venture there and check it out. We also took a trip down the shore so Little A could go to the beach with my parents and Baby S, T and I visited with some family members who hadn't met Baby S yet. So here are my eats from this weekend..


 From Whole Foods I had my favorite, rainbow roll which is vegetables wrapped in rice paper. They have an assorment of vegan sushi that I am excited to try!

 Look at this pretty display!

These were a few of the goodies I brought home. Can you tell I like mint chocolate?

 Fresh figs that I got from Whole Foods. Had a few for breakfast on Saturday morning.

 This is my new favorite (quick and easy) lunch. I take a Chia Pod and dump it in a bowl and top it with raw granola, dried mulberries and anything else I feel like. I got the Chia Pods from Costco, but Whole Foods carries them as well. Or you could make your own chia pudding!  

 Another Whole Foods find came in handy on our way down the shore on Sunday morning.. I love these Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereals. They are actually oatmeal, and very delicious and filling.

 We only stayed until lunch time and on the way home we stopped at the health food store for lunch. I made myself a salad at their organic salad bar: romaine, olives, artichoke hearts, purple cabbage, red onion, cappers, red pepper and cajun tofu. 


Hope you had a lovely weekend! XO


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