All About How I Ate My Placenta!

August 14, 2015

Hi all!


Today I have a very interesting post to share on how I ate my placenta.. Well, actually I swallowed it in the form of pills, but you get the idea. 


To some this may seem like a very strange or disgusting idea but this is actually a very common practice and is becoming more and more popular these days. I was surprised at how every single nurse that I had told that I am keeping my placenta, knew exactly why. A few even asked "pills or are you planting it". Humans are actually one of the few mammals that don't eat their placenta. Seems like the animals know what's up once again! 


I find the whole concept of the placenta to be so beautiful. The placenta is what keeps the baby nourished throughout pregnancy. I love that it looks like the tree of life. What symbolism! 


 My placenta from Baby S,  stamped on a piece of acid free paper using the blood found on the surface on the placenta. 


When I was pregnant with Little A I discovered that people were consuming their placentas. I was very interested in it, the idea was never strange to me. I thought the whole thing was bad ass. When I told T, he thought it was unusual, but he is never surprised with this stuff. He knows I'll go to any extent for my health (and for the health of my family). He sent me a funny article about a guy who's wife ate her placenta and we laughed because the situation was very similar. The guy was pretty much use to his wife doing these "hippie" type of things. The price was too much for us and I ended up having an emergency c-section with Little A, so my placenta was the last thing on my mind. I was pretty bummed about that. 


This time around I knew it was definitely something I wanted to do. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I told T to start saving! After some research, I found Nikole of Life Tree Services who was in NJ and encapsulates placentas. I emailed her and found out she travels to the hospital I was having Baby S. I read up on her website and she had a great background and credentials. I contacted a friend who lives out of state and encapsulates placentas and asked her what she thought and she said to go for it! She also suggested I use the TCM method since this is how it has been done for centuries. So after a few more questions were answered, I set it up for my placenta to be picked up by Nikole and made into capsules. I also had a tincture made which will last forever and can be used during times of change (menopause), PMS and even for illness. This my whole family can use.


Right after Baby S came out, I told the nurses not to forget that I'm keeping my placenta. They packed it up on ice and gave it to T who stuck it in the cooler we brought. I texted Nikole and she was at the hospital in 15 minute. T handed it off, and the next day it was finished. Nikole brought the package right to my room along with a onesie with her logo on it, Baby S' cord in the shape of a heart and 3 papers with my placenta stamped on it. I am planning on framing that for Baby S' wall. I'm obsessed with it! 

 The package Nikole dropped off at the hospital


I started taking the pills right away. I took 2-3 pills 3x a day. When I noticed I was getting low, I stretched them out a little. I wanted them to last forever! In a way I felt sad that my placenta would be gone, my baby was here, which was amazing, but that was the last of her being inside of me if that makes sense. 


I felt amazing taking the pills! I have had a lot of energy, euphoria, and I've been just all around happy. Many women who have had postpartum depression decided to consume their placentas because it has been known to help prevent it. I never had any depression, so I wasn't worried about that. I wanted to take for the other known benefits. I will say I experienced nothing but goodness since the birth of Baby S. Could be just birth hormones making me joyous, but being that "baby blues" is so common after giving birth, I am attributing my happiness to taking my placenta. Also, my milk is so much more supple than with Little A. I had to pump with her to make my milk come in stronger. I also remember her crying at night because my milk wasn't coming out fast enough. This time around, Baby S has to pull off and take a break because so much milk is flowing. Sometimes when she pulls off, my milk sprays her! Poor thing! Haha! 


Here is some more great info from this article on


"There are many reasons why one would want to partake in the numerous benefits of placentophagy. Pregnancy is taxing on the body, even if the mother follows the best of health regimes. The theory behind placentophagy is that you're returning the nutrients lost during the birth process back to the body to aide in quick and smooth postpartum recovery.

The benefits of placenta encapsulation include:

  • Decrease in baby blues and postpartum depression.

  • Increase and enrich breast milk.

  • Increase in energy.

  • Decrease in lochia, postpartum bleeding.

  • Decrease iron deficiency.

  • Decrease insomnia or sleep disorders.

The placenta's hormonal make-up is completely unique to the mother. No prescription, vitamin, or herbal supplement can do what one placenta pill can. How amazing is that?"



So if you are interesting in consuming your placenta, I highly suggest it. If you are in the NJ area, I recommend using Life Tree Services for your needs. 


Happy placenta eating! ;)


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