Baby S: One Month Update

August 17, 2015

On Sunday Baby S turned one month old! I know, I can't believe it either! I thought it would be fun to give monthly updates for the first year. I hope you will enjoy as well!

This first month has been pure bliss. Baby S is a very easy baby. She sleeps, nurses, poops and smiles. Rarely does she cry and when she does, as soon as she gets on the boob, she stops. She has had a few nights with a little gas, but pumping her legs helps a lot. I will probably give her Gripe Water if it ever gets back or she can't get comfortable but for now, leg pumping has helped. She is very alert, happy, aware of her surroundings (stares at her sister all the time), and content. I can see she has a calm nature. I sure hope she stays this way as Little A tends to be more like me, anxious and higher energy.

Something's we did this month:

First bath: she wasn't a fan the first time, but now she enjoys it more. She doesn't like the end when we drain the water and I wrap her up and bring her upstairs to get her dressed. She calms down once she is all dressed, dry and warm again.

First trips out: we've traveled a little (only 45 minutes at the most) and she's been pretty good in the car. Mostly sleeps. She cried during one trip, but I think she was going through her growth spurt so she wanted to eat more.

First walks: she loves going for walks. She likes the Moby wrap a lot and in the carriage she falls right asleep. She likes to be held, rocked, bounced

Speaking of growth spurt..
She's filling out her newborn clothes better and is even starting to fit into her 0-3 months clothes! Her cheeks have filled out and her little thighs are getting some rolls. Mommy's milk does a body good!

Stuff I'm loving:

The Brestfriend. This is my favorite nursing pillow of the few I've tried. This was my favorite with Little A too.
Organic nursing pads. I like the reusable ones, they are soft, comfy and chemical free!
My glass water bottle. I keep this with me at all times since I get stuck on the couch with Baby S sleeping on me. Plus nursing makes me so thirsty!
Organic burp clothes.
Organic blanket. With the AC on often, I use them to cover Baby S while nursing. I really like the Burts Bees ones, they are super soft.
Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter. Not just for the obvious reasons.. I also used this on Baby S' dry skin and it went away overnight.
Honest Brand Diapers. I find them very absorbent. Used Seventh Generation with Little A and I like the Honest Brand ones even more.
Water wipes. This is super pure with the only ingredients being water and grapefruit extract, they are very gentle as well.
The Organic Moby Wrap. Although it's a lot of fabric, it's very soft and comfortable on. Baby S always falls asleep in it and I love having her sleeping on my stretch. Let's me have my hands free as well.

Now for me..

I have been feeling good, more like myself instead of pregnant. I am still a little emotional at times from the hormones but my placenta pills have helped a lot with that. I have lost about half my baby weight but I've hit a plateau now. I haven't been focusing on weight loss since I'm still establishing my milk supply (which is very, very good), so I'm eating a higher calorie/fat diet. I find I'm craving higher fat, more filling foods and I tend to get very hungry from all the nursing. I am looking forward to being about to workout again. My doctor said about 6 weeks or when I feel ready but so far I haven't felt ready at all. I still have pain from the csection. I notice it a lot when I get up from bed or if I have done too much during the day. My body tells me it's time to rest a lot so I take those cues seriously. ;) We take little walks here and there and they feel good, but anything more would definitely feel like it was too much. So I'm taking it a day at a time. Once this pain is gone, I'll be ready to slowly ease into working out again. I would like to do Max30 once I'm ready (T has it and has done it).

I'm pretty rested since Baby S is usually only up 2 times a night to eat. I do spend a lot of my day on the couch with her either eating or sleeping on me. Most of the time when I put her down, she wakes up so that's where the Moby wraps comes in handy. Little A and I try to do stuff while Baby S is sleeping (a whole other post on that soon). We've ventured to a few stores for errands, the park and the pool which have all gone smoothly.

So that's our first month with Baby S! Here are one cute pics from her first month earth side! In-joy!

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