What I've Been Eating: Smoothies and Salad Bowls

August 21, 2015

Hi All! Today I am showing you some of my recent eats which happen to all be made in bowls. I am really into chia bowls right now, but I also love a good salad and smoothie bowl. So here are the highlights..

My favorite product as of lately are these Chia Pods. They are pretty pricey but I found them at Costco for cheaper. As easy as it is to make my own chia pudding, these come in very handy while taking care of Baby S.  

I like to turn them into a meal by adding different stuff. This one I added bananas, strawberries, chocolate raw granola, dried mulberries and a drizzle of raw Dastony Almond Butter.

This one had fresh figs, more raw granola, dried mulberries and a drizzle of Dastony Almond Butter (which by the way, is the creamiest, best tasting almond butter I have had).

This was a smoothie bowl: frozen cherries, Philosophie's Cacao Magic, bananas, white chia seeds, Barley Grass Powder and topped with Living Intentions raw granola, dried mulberries, golden Hunza raisins and a drizzle of Rawmio Silk Almond Spread (another AMAZZZZZING product).

This was raw granola with "Banana Milk", recipe for that coming next week! ;)

More chia goodness, this was a Chia Pod with dried mulberries, golden Hunza raisins and Go Raw's raw granola. 

This was Organic Tropical Fruit blended with a little water and topped with coconut flakes. Little A loves making and eating this as well!

Raw SuperFood Cereal with Rebbl Reishi Chocolate Elixir for the milk. 


 Chia pudding blended with bananas and Barley Grass Juice Powder topped with fresh strawberries, raw granole and a drizzle of Dastony Almond Butter.

 This was "nice cream" I made for Little A. We also made it into popsicles. Just blended all the ingredients in the blender with a little water. 

 Pitaya blended with banana, chia seeds and water topped with dried mulberries and raw breakfast crisps. 


A kale salad with garden tomatoes, hummus, olives, raw kraut, avocado and a Hilary's Veggie Burger.

This was a simple lunch: fresh arugula topped with avocado, raw kraut and Sriracha hummus.

More arugula with garden tomatoes, kimchi, hummus, a Hilary's Veggie Burger and a piece of gluten free olive bread.

And finally, arugular with tahini, raw kraut and Bubbies Pickles. 


Have a nice weekend! XO



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