My Stash of Breastfeeding Snacks

August 26, 2015

I forgot how demanding breastfeeding is.. Maybe because I nursed Little A until she was 3 (by then it was just the norm, so I didn't realize all that went into it), but with a newborn and a 4 year old, I spend a lot of time nursing while occupying Little A. I also tend to get very hungry and thirsty. When I get a chance to put Baby S down, I usually make food for Little A right away and if I'm lucky, I can make myself something quick. If I can't make something I have a stash of snacks always handy along with a huge glass bottle filled with water. Here is a list of my favorite easy to grab breastfeeding snacks. I like things that are caloric, higher in fat, nutrient dense and filling. I need to feel satisfied while producing a ton of milk each day for a growing newborn.

Bars: I like Kits's Organic, Pure Bars, Amrita and any other raw or high raw bar because they tend to have a lot of good fat (for nice healthy milk).


Oatmeal: I really like the Vigilant Eats oatmeal because you just add hot or cold water and they are high raw, high in super foods and protein. Plus oatmeal is great for milk supply! Not to mention, very filling.

Drinks: I like my glass water bottle to refill with pure filtered water or I also love spring water. Mountain Valley is my favorite and it comes in a glass bottle. I also like having organic cold pressed orange juice, the Evolution brand, cold pressed watermelon juice from Trader Joes and coconut water from Trader Joes or Harmless Harvest brand. All very quenching.



Fruit: grapes, figs and strawberries are easy and also quenching. I recently got non-GMO cotton candy grapes and they are delicious! Totally taste like cotton candy! Watermelon is my favorite during the Summer but it's not really breastfeeding friendly because the juice gets all over.




Raw crackers: these are probably low on the list because they make crumbs and crumbs and nursing don't go well. I don't like to look down and see Baby S with crumbs all over her. This is also why kale chips aren't on my list. But raw crackers are satisfying and easy so they deserve a place here.

Raw veggies and Hummus: I cut up some celery, carrots and cucumbers to always have handy in the fridge along with a container of organic hummus. I really like the individual organic hummus packs from Costco. Little A enjoys them as well.

Happy feeding! :)

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