Labor Day Weekend

September 8, 2015

Hey! I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend! Ours was busy and filled with lots of yummy food! This is a picture heavy post so I'll keep it short! ;) In-joy..


 Friday, I did some shopping at Whole Foods where I got some more Cotton Candy Grapes. These are GMO-free and really yummy! Little A can eat the whole bag herself! ;) I enjoyed some while nursing Baby S. 


 I also got some organic Honey Crisp Apples, another favorite in our house.

 And a Santa Claus melon which we are excited to try later on.

 For dinner I made a a mix of things thrown into a bowl: quinoa, white beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, avocado and a tahini sauce (found on Pinterest). This was a hit! Little A likes to eat everything "separate", good thing for section plates because God forbid something touches! ;) 

 Saturday started off with a trip to Fresh Press Juice Co for lunch. I had an Acai bowl and raw granola bars.

 Later on we took a hike. The weather was really nice and actually cool for once.


 Baby S slept in the Ergo the whole time. She always misses all the fun!

 On Sunday, we took a trip out to Flemington and visited one of my favorite health food stores, Basil Bandwagon. I got a salad with baked falafel and hummus from their cafe.

 I also grabbed a few things that were new for me to try. This Hibiscus Berry Kevita was refreshing!

 And we've been looking all over for the Bacon flavor Dang Coconut Chips. These did NOT disapoint! 

 We stopped at Duke Farms, a beautiful scenic spot with lots of sites. The weather was pretty hot and the sun was strong so we just checked out their beautiful community garden. We are planning on touring the whole place in the Fall when the weather cools down.

 I made plantbased, gluten free mac and cheese for dinner. The recipe was from Pinterest and was made with nothing "fake" just potatoes, tahini, coconut milk, carrots and onion. YUM!

 For dessert, another find from Basils. I LOVE EatingEVOLVED's chocolates! I wanted to buy a bunch of their products, but I was good (they weren't cheap) and left with these Caramel and Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups. THESE ARE AMAZING! 

 On Monday, after a nice workout with T, I made myself a chia bowl for lunch: chia pudding, fresh figs, raw superfood granola, dried mulberries and a drizzle of stone ground almond butter.

 After that, we took a trip to our local farm. I took some fun pictures..





 They had this section of canned goods that they make. 

 They also had vegan "bone" broth. I found it funny that they still used the word "bone" a little confusing. Ha ha! I didn't get it though, maybe next time!

 We hit up Home Goods too and I found these Brad's Raw Broccoli Poppers. These are super spicy, but totally addicting!



I hope you have a nice day! XO


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