Ideas for Keeping Older Kids Busy When You Have a Baby

September 10, 2015

Hi! Today I wanted to share some of the fun ways I keep Little A occupied while I'm taking care of Baby S or when she is napping. I thought maybe it could help anyone else in a similar situation. The last thing I wanted to do was to spend less time with Little A, but let's face it, a newborn takes up a lot of time. Little A coped very well everything. She enjoys helping me out and playing with Baby S. Actually, she doesn't even like when she's sleeping! I'll say "Okay, baby is asleep, what do you want to do?" And she'll respond "Let's wake up the baby and play with her!" Ha ha! It took some time for her to adjust to the idea that she can't wake up the baby all the time.  Once we were over all of that, we started doing lots of fun things together so she could feel like she had my full attention at times.

Here are some ideas:

Color. This is a nice quiet activity that we do. I even got some "adult coloring books". Did you know coloring has the same effect as mediation does on the brain? So I am relaxing my mind at the same time.



Go to the park. We walk to the nearby park together. Baby S stays asleep and Little A gets her energy out.


Play games. Little A loves a good board game. She likes Disney Princess Candyland and Memory (Frozen, of course) a lot.

Do a puzzle. Another quiet idea and also works both our brains.


Flash cards. Another idea to work her little brain. We have letters and number we are working on.

Make food together. Our newest thing is making ice pops. We blend together different fruit and super foods and freeze them in molds. She likes picking the combos. I've posted some clips of this on my SnapChat (LaurenGinger12) page.



Read together. Our new favorite is Buddha at Bedtime. I love the lessons these stories provide.


Go to the library. Speaking of reading, Little A likes to pick out many books (last week we left with 8) to bring home and she also enjoys the computer games. Another quiet activity.


Look and find books. Little A LOVES Look and Find books! We got Where's Waldo for the first time at the library last week and I can't believe how quickly she finds him! She enjoys that a lot.

Paint. We like to find stuff in nature to paint. Lately she likes painting rocks to look like ladybugs. She has a shoebox house for them and all (and bonus activity, decorating the shoebox!).


Play in the yard. Little A loves being outside (who doesn't?) lately it has been a little too hot, but she enjoys her kiddie pool or sprinkler. We will be hugging trees again soon though!


I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Little A also plays alone very well. Lately she loves her Baby Alive doll. She takes care of her while I take care of Baby S. Baby Alive has food and lots of accessories so when Little A has been a good helper, listener and does her chores, she gets to get an accessory for her doll. More reason for her to be the good girl she is!


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