Food Highlights from The Weekend

September 14, 2015

Hi Loves! I hope you had a nice weekend! The weather was beautiful here, nice a cool but sunny. Perfect (almost) Autumn weather. We went for a few walks and played at the park which was nice. Here are the yummy highlights!


 Saturday we had errands to run, which meant lunch on the go! I had raw pizza from Dean's Market and a Rebbl Turmeric Golden-Milk. I love all the Rebbl drinks, the chocolate reishi is my favorite but this was very good as well. 

 The owner of ChocAlive was giving out samples in Dean's and I.. Ahem.. I mean Little A couldn't resist a sample or two. The lady was very kind and let her have more than one sample, she had great energy as well so of course I had to buy some. We buy this chocolate often, but knowing the kind of energy that goes into it, I will buy it even more!

 Dinner was roasted chickpeas and sweet potatoes with millet and broccolini. T was in charge of the sweet potatoes, hence the burnt pieces. Don't worry, I ate around the burnt stuff and Little A got all the non-burnt pieces. ;)

 We had to get a few things at Target. I needed body lotion, face lotion and makeup remover. I love all of these brands for cheap(er) natural products. T needed shave cream and I he isn't into the whole natural beauty stuff. Not because he doesn't want to be, but because of the cost. But I talked him into getting a natural one! His skin looks so nice and smooth today! ;) Who needs chemicals?

 We ended our weekend with our new favorite dinner! I make a gluten free grain, a bean, a veggie and some tomato sauce. Last night was brown rice, white beans, kale and tomato sauce. 


See you Wednesday with Baby S' 2 month update!!


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