Baby S Update: 2 Months

September 16, 2015

Month 2

Today Baby S is 2 months old! I blinked my eyes and the month had passed! She is still a very calm natured baby. She loved staring at bright colored things (especially this colorful bird picture we have on our bedroom wall), and is very alert. I get a lot of comments on how alert she is and how she knows everything that is going on. Also, since the day she was born I've heard "she's an old soul.." And I do see it! She always looks like she wants to say something, or has a story to tell. When I look in her eyes I can see it too. Little A is also an old soul too but I didn't feel it until she started talking. With Baby S I really feel strongly about it just by being in her presence.


Some things we did this month/milestones..

First smiles: Baby S starting giving me big smiles first thing in the morning. She would open her eyes, see me and hear my voice and her face would light up with smiles! We noticed it didn't happen with anyone else, just me! Made me feel special! ;) Now she smiles and coos for T and Little A as well. It's pretty freakin cute! 


Holding her head up: She's been holding it better and better daily but now she is really holding it up well. She doesn't even need support anymore. During tummy time she has no issues lifting up. Kind of makes me sad that she is already big enough to do so.


First chubs: Her first little chubbiness is coming in! Her legs have filled out a little and her face is definitely rounder!


First Hike: I used the Ergo with the newborn insert a few times to take Baby S on a hike this month and I really didn't like it. I LOVE the Ergo once Little A was old enough not to need the insert, so I am sure that will be the case again. I just found the insert wasn't comfortable and it slid down a lot. Baby S loved the fresh air though, she fell asleep right away.



Stuff I'm Loving: 


The Bobby Newborn Lounger: This is great for tummy time because it props her up a little so she is more comfortable. I put it on my bed and do it. I also use a pillow at times.


Probiotic Drops: I use Mommy's Bliss Probiotic Drops for her daily. Since she was born c-section, she didn't get all that good bacteria in the vaginal canal, so she gets the drops to make up for it. I noticed she is less gassy and has less spitting up now that I am giving her these. 


How I'm doing:

I started working out again 2 weeks ago and I feel great! I was itching to get my body moving, I just feel so much better when my lymph system is moving. I've lost a couple of pounds since I started. I still have a way to go. I didn't gain a lot. About average but it is coming off slower than with Little A. My guess is because I'm almost 5 years older this time around. I wasn't even in my 30's when I had Little A. I'm still on cloud 9 with my girls. I am just so happy to have two little blessings in my life. Baby A still sleeps great so I'm well rested and alert.


Here are some more of my favorite pictures from the month:






That's about it! Until next month! Xo

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