Weekend Eats: Feeling Fall

September 21, 2015

Hi! I hope you had a love-filled weekend! :) Although a few weeks back I was complaining about the Summer coming to an end, I am finally "feeling" Fall. It is my favorite season and all.. So bring it on! The cooler temps I will take, I just don't want to see any snow for a long, long, long time! Here are the highlights from my weekend..


 I had to share these amazing Philosophie goodies that I was lucky enough to win on Instagram!The coconut butters are so good, we have been eating them by the spoonful!

 I was feeling lazy after Little A's ballet class one night so we got pizza from Blaze Pizza, mine was all the veggies on a gluten free crust! SO GOOD!

 When I went to Whole Foods on Friday they were selling the Good Soaps for $1 each. I needed to buy soap, so I got two to try out. THEY SMELL AMAZING! The one on the right is strawberry and has actually strawberry seeds in it! 

 Like I said, I am feeling like Fall finally.. So this Pumpkin Pie Spice has been making me happy every morning in my smoothies now.

 We went to Whole Foods for lunch on Saturday, I had the Orchid Roll which is carrots and cucumbers wrapped in black rice and avocado with a rasberry dressing. Vegan of course! 

 Little A and I also shared this raw honey drink. We had a sample, it was good, it was on sale.. sold!

 When I got to the register I noticed they were now selling Hu Chocolate! Which is (kinda) locally made in Brooklyn. Hu Kitchen is a restaurant I have been wanting to try out for awhile, and I had heard their chocolate was amazing, and it's raw, so I had to get a bar! 

 I also grabbed a few more Good Soaps before the sale ended. I really love the scent of these bars and they are all natural, which is most important!

 On Sunday we stopped at Whole Foods AGAIN! Now that the store is so close, it's just too easy not to run there for a few items here and there. T has been enjoying their $.25 coffee, so that gives me an excuse to run in. I wanted to get another Hu Chocolate bar (I only had a bite of the other, but I am in love, so I wanted to have some in my stash) and a coconut water. 

 After that, I went to Fresh Press Juice Co for my lunch. I had their new Pitaya bowl and it was really yummy!

 We ended the weekend with a delicious Sunday dinner, I made potatoes, kale, tempeh and olives in a pot with a little tomato sauce. We don't soy very often but when we do I like to have organic sprouted soy.


Have a nice day!


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