What I ate Wednesday: Taco Tuesday

September 23, 2015

Hey! Happy Autumn! I am finally feeling like I am going to embrace my favorite season, and just pray that it doesn't snow for a long, long, long time! ;) Today I wanted to share a "What I ate Wednesday" post. This is everything I ate yesterday, which also happened to be "Taco Tuesday", which we like to celebrate every Tuesday (it's Little A's favorite day). Next week maybe I will share what she ate in a day. Anyway, just a few notes, yesterday was a busy, on the go day, Little A had school and kids yoga class, so I was out the door a lot. My meals and snacks were all quick and easy. Lunch I usually like to have a big salad with a veggie burger (Hilary's or Sunshine brand for the best ingredients) or a smoothie bowl. So this wasn't a typical day for me. Also, I am breastfeeding so you will notice a high fat/calorie content. Gotta give my girlie quality milk! ;) I am also trying to shed the baby weight still, but that comes last because my milk is most important right now. I also worked out for 30 minutes of MAX 30 with Sean T. This is a pretty hardcore cardio workout, so I definitely burned some calories. Like I said, I was in and out a lot and carrying or wearing Baby S, plus walking up to school and back with Little A, so I get a ton of movement in a day. I noticed I need to get more greens in! And fresh food! But like I said, on a normal day, I get a big salad once or twice (lunch and dinner) and I was eating portable food on this day. Some days are 3 meals, others like this, very snacky. I go with how I feel and tune into my own signals. 


Here you go!


 Breakfast: Pumpkin spice smoothie: bananas, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, Sunwarrior Protein, chia seeds, Oceans Alive drops, Vitamin d/k2 drops and Autumn Spice tea cooled over night. I also took my supplements with this. I worked out before this, after I showered, got myself and Little A ready, nursed the baby a few times and then headed to take Little A to school.

 Lunch: Quinoa and Red Rice cakes topped with tomato (from my garden), avocado, mixed greens, raw kraut and lots of ground pepper. This was when I got back from bringing Little A to school, she has lunch before school since she goes in the afternoon. Right after this, Baby S woke up, so I nursed her and played with her for a little.

 Once she fell back asleep, I had this peach Kite Hill yogurt. These are the best dairy free yogurts I have had. I just wish they were organic! 

 Back out to pick up Little A at school. I brought this honey crisp apple to eat in the car.

 We stopped home for 20 minutes before yoga class. I made Little A a big smoothie and I took a few spoonfuls of this superfood coconut butter from Philosophie.

 After yoga it was dinner time: black bean and brown rice tacos with avocado, salsa, lettuce, olives and fresh tomatoes on organic corn shells. 

 After I cleaned the kitchen, I had my chocolate for the day. I only try to have one or two squares a day, otherwise I will eat the whole bar. Normally, I would be okay with that! Ha ha! But like I said, I have some baby weight to lose! ;) Instead of depriving myself, portion control works for me!



Have a nice day!


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