Autumn Fun Ideas

September 25, 2015

In honor of the Fall season, I made a list of fun ideas to do with my family and I thought I  would share so I could give you some ideas! Happy Autumn!

1. Go apple picking


2. Go pumpkin picking


3. Drink apple cider
4. Go on a hay ride
5. Find pretty leaves


6. Paint pinecones

 We painted pinecones on Wednesday to celebrate Autumn!

7. Paint acorns
8. Paint or carve a pumpkin


9. Roast pumpkin seeds
10. Roast a squash
11. Have a picnic


12. Go on a hike


13. Rake leaves into a pile and then jump in it!


14. Take a walk under the full moon


15. Make a pumpkin spice smoothie
16. Make apple crumble (plantbased and gluten free of course!)
17. Decorate the house for Halloween


18. Make your own pumpkin spice coffee or tea
19. Hug a tree


20. Make a big pot of soup (numerous times)


Have fun! XOXO

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