What They Ate Wednesday: Little A

September 30, 2015

Hey Everyone! Today's "What They Ate Wednesday" is a day in food for my 4 (almost 5) year old daughter. Everything is organic, so I won't keep repeating that.


If you are interested in sharing what you ate in a day, please contact me: LaurenGingerRose@gmail.com, I would love to share your day!


Breakfast: Smoothie: half a scoop of Sunwarrior chocolate protein, a tablespoon of Berry Bliss powder, chia seeds, one banana, Oceans Alive drops, water, Vitamin k2/d drops.

One Spelt English muffin with coconut oil spread on.


Lunch: Organic gluten free Amy's burrito (made in the oven, we don't own a microwave), raw baby kale with olive oil and garlic powder, celery sticks.

Snack: After lunch she wanted more celery and some carrots with hummus.

Snack (at school): I packed her an organic apple sauce.

Snack: (after school, on the way to ballet): So Delicious Plain Almond Milk Yogurt


Dinner: Brown rice and black beans (cooked in coconut oil and cumin), butternut squash with pink salt and garlic powder, fresh romaine lettuce (her favorite) and some kalamata olives.


Snack: She likes to have a "night snack" before bed. Usually a piece of fruit or apple sauce. This night she had a honey crisp apple.

This was a busy day, some days she eats more if we are home. Usually (not all of this but maybe a few of these things) more fruit, some romaine lettuce, organic peanut butter pretzels, spelt pretzels, Annie's Cookies, a Kits Organic Cliff Bar, organic corn chips, bell peppers, cucumbers with sea salt or some pistachios.

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