Hurricane Weekend

October 5, 2015



I hope you had a lovely weekend! We were hit with Hurricane Joaquin, but not as bad as they were expecting. We mostly had a lot of rain and wind, but yesterday the sun came out and it felt like Fall again. 


Due to the rain and wind, we didn't do much on Saturday. We took a trip to Target because we needed diapers and few other things, but besides that, we hung out at home. Sunday was more of the same. We ran a few errands and grabbed lunch at Whole Foods. T likes to watch football on Sunday, so Little A and I played and cleaned up while Baby S slept. 


 On Friday, Baby S and I went to Whole Foods after taking Little A to school. Since we were expecting a storm, we had to stock the fridge! I love getting Little A a surprise since she doesn't come with us. This time I got her Lucy's Gluten Free Vegan Pumpkin Patch cookies! I use to like these a lot as an option for her and I, but after buying them I noticed the added to their ingredients that they use soy milk that contains Carageenan! Eeek!!! We avoid that at all cost! It has been said that it contributes to stomach issues like IBD! So I won't be buying this brand again. Boo!

 I needed to get myself a treat too, of course! I tried a new (to me) flavor of Hu Chocolate bars. This one tasted like Thin Mint cookies! So good! My favorite is still the almond butter/quinoa bar.

 On Saturday, we went to Target (as I mentioned). I got a Pure Doctor Kombucha to enjoy.

 When we got home, we felt like something warm. I made T a tonic using Dara Dubinet's energy tonic blend and for myself, a breastfeeding friendly herb free drink: Dandy Blend with hot water blended with vanilla stevia drops and coconut oil. I sprinkled Pumpkin Spice on the top. Yum!

 For dinner I made a big pot of Escarole and Bean Soup. This was a hit! And perfect for the yucky weather we were having!

 As I mentioned, on Sunday we stopped at Whole Foods to grab lunch. I had a tofu/cucumber/avocado brown rice roll. 

 For dinner, I made lentils. I cooked some tempeh bacon in olive oil, then added carrots, potatoes, peppers and celery and let that cook down. After that, I added the red lentils and covered with water and turned up to high and covered and let it cook. Once that was cooked, I added kale and some sea clear and turned off the heat and stirred. 

 This is Sea Clear, I love adding this to all my soups (once the heat is off to keep the enzymes in tact). So good! Really gives it a great flavor, especially if you are like me and don't like using a boxed broth. I always use water and add spices, olive oil and this! You can get it at The Raw Food World HERE


Have a nice day!


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