Baby S Update: Month 3

October 16, 2015

Hi everyone! Baby S is 3 months old already! I can't believe how fast time is going. I'm trying to treasure every day, I just wish time would slow down! She is really shining in her personality these days. She's so smiley and happy! Very pleasant, wakes up all smiles every day. Even smiles in her sleep! Her hair cracks me up, it sticks straight up! I love it! My little wild women! Haha! She stares right in my eyes like she wants to say something. We get a lot of comments on how alert she is, and how she wants to speak already. I think she'll talk sooner rather than later, but I'm taking everything day by day, no rush for her to grow up.

Here is her 3 month update..


Some things we did this month/milestones:

Imitating noises: We make sounds to her and she makes them back. Sometimes she initiates it.

Blows raspberries: Another thing she does when we play. Makes me laugh!

Kicks the hanging toys on her playmat: She really enjoys being on there.

Moves on her own: When I put her on the playmat, I'll turn around and she'll be in a different spot. No idea how she gets there! Houdini!

Went apple picking: We went apple picking and I wore her in the Moby. She slept the whole time.

Went to her first party/first time in church: My niece was christened last weekend and Baby S attended her first time in church and her first party! She slept most of the time. In a few weeks we are having her christening.

 (before the church)

Fits in Little A's old clothes: The months have finally worked out with the seasons where Baby S fits in some of Little A's old clothes. Little A was born in November so all her 0-3 months clothes are for cooler weather and Baby S fits them now. This will probably work out for now on. They are almost the same size at this age (Baby S is a little smaller), but since Baby S was born in the Summer, we missed out on Little A's newborn clothing.


 (wearing Little A's old clothes)

Rolls onto her side/rolls over: She turns onto her side like she's going to turn over and then turns back. When she does tummy time she can roll onto her back.

Holds her head up: She's been doing this for awhile, but she's perfected it. I really don't have to worry about her head while holding her anymore.



Stuff We are Loving:

Her playmat. She sits so content, playing on this for a long period of time. I put her on it while I'm working out (right next to her) and everytime I look at her, she's smiling. I think she's trying to laugh at her Mom doing crazy exercise moves. She also does great on it for tummy time.

Her stroller. We are still in the phase where we have to use the car seat in a bottom piece stroller but it has been a life saver for taking Little A to school. I have to park and walk a little and if I had to carry the car seat or wake her up and carry her, it would be a huge pain.

 (off for a walk)

Her sister: She smiles and coos at Little A all the time. Even when she just walks into a room. She is fascinated with her. I am excited to see this relationship grow.

Her hand: She loves sucking on her hand. She gets all her fingers in there! It's really cute! She may be a thumb sucker down the road. She doesn't like pacifiers, but her hand, she can't get enough!

How I'm doing:

I'm steadily losing weight, about 1-2 pounds per week. I'm still doing Max 30 workouts alternating with P90x plus I've been making extra effort to move more throughout the day. Eating has been very good and I have a ton of energy. I've been getting compliments on my hair and skin lately. My guess is left over pregnancy hormones or it could be how healthy I'm eating. Now that it's getting cooler I'm eating heartier cooked plant-based dinners and this feels good to me. I'm all about the eb and flow of eating differently throughout the year. I listen to my body and go with what feels right. I haven't been tired, my energy is very good considering I have a 3 month old and an almost 5 year old. Has to be the diet! ;) Baby S is such a pleasure. I enjoy every second with her and treasure these moments because unknown how fast they go.



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