Weekend Adventures: Pumpkin Picking and MORE!

October 19, 2015

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! Here is my update from mine..

 Friday was a busy day, Little A didn't have school and we needed to go grocery shopping. Once I got home, I was so hungry and I needed something quick before feeding Baby S. I made this yogurt bowl of Kite Hill Blueberry yogurt with dates and Living Intention Superfood Granola.

 I wanted to do something fun with Little A since she was off of school. I had been wanting to make banana bites from The Vegan Corner for awhile. So that we did!

 They came out really good and with only 3 ingredients, I don't feel bad letting Little A have some at breakfast. ;) You can find the recipe HERE

 On Saturday we planned on going pumpkin picking, but first, LUNCH! We took a little ride to Deans where I had a Maca Mocha drink from Rebbl (they were on sale too, so I got another). 

 Along with some raw pizza. Yummy!

 These Gorilly Goods raw fruit and nut things caught my eye at the register. They had chocolate and savory flavor too. They were very good and reminded me of the banana bites we made.

 Here are the highlights from pumpkin picking! Little A and I did the maze there as well.

 When we got home we warmed up with potato broccoli soup (recipe from Pinterest). So good!

 On Sunday, I took a trip to the shore to visit family. Everyone has been complaining about not seeing the girls, so while T stayed home watching football, us girls took a little road trip! Once we got there, we stopped off at Health Fair for lunch. I made a salad with romaine, olives, tofu scramble, artichoke hearts and purple cabbage. Little A made something very similar but she added cucumbers and peppers to hers. We both had a coconut water and some Go Raw pizza flax snax too!

 When we got home I made a quick dinner of red lentil pasta with tomato sauce and olive. Perfecto!


Another beautiful Autumn weekend in the books! In-joy your day! XO


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