Take Out and Eating Out: What I order and Tips

October 21, 2015

Hey all! Today I am sharing what I order when getting takeout or eating at a restaurant. Ideally, eating at home and making my own food is what I would do daily, but in the real world, I need a break sometimes! Usually on Thursday, when Little A has ballet after school and we are in and out of the house for most of the day, we order take out. I'm very picky about the food we eat and I want to know exactly what is going into my food, but there are options now that help me to make great decisions when I need a break from the kitchen but my family needs to eat!

Lucky for me, Chipotle and Blaze Pizza are nearby. The only issue here is that when I've been driving around all day, I don't want to have to go back out and get food, but that is what we do most of the time.

At Chipotle, I order a veggie bowl with brown rice, black beans, guacamole, lettuce, mild salsa, fajita vegetables, and corn salsa. I try to pack as many vegetables in there as possible and since Chipotle is GMO free, I'm okay with getting the corn (among everything else). Sometimes (rarely), I'll get the Sofritas which are made with non gmo tofu. Since it's a little spicy, I only get it when I'm really hungry and need the extra protein. Little A likes to get two sides: brown rice and black beans. She also gets a mini bag of chips and guacamole.


Blaze Pizza, is the other option for when we want to pick up food. This franchise seems to be opening more and more stores throughout the US and they have a similar style to Chipotle where they use a lot of non gmo options and you pick what you want to personalize your meal. They have a vegan gluten free crust and even soy free vegan cheese. I'm not a fan of fake cheese so I usually have a gluten free pie with every vegetable available and tomato sauce. Little A has a gluten free pizza with tomato sauce, olives, spinach, peppers and vegan cheese. These pizzas are a little bigger than personal size so I don't have any issues finishing off a pie (plus the crust is super thin). Little A usually leaves one or two slices and has them for lunch the next day.

 Blaze Pizza

When we want to have food delivered or if we go out to eat, I have my usual order from each place. These usually aren't organic, but we go to only quality places where we know they are using top notch ingredients. We don't go out often at all, and delivery is also very rare because we do like to get food from Chipotle and Blaze but for when we are super lazy, or have to for a party or dinner out, here is what I order.

Italian: A big salad, broccoli rabe or another side vegetable and gluten free pasta (available in every Italian spot around here) either with vegetables or tomato sauce.

Japanese: A big salad if nothing is vegan I'll settle for edamame or miso soup. I always order avocado/vegetable/or cucumber rolls with brown rice or black rice too. If we go out for this, I bring a small container of Coconut Aminos so I don't have to use their soy sauce.

Chinese: This is very rare.. Maybe once every few years, haha! I'll order steamed vegetable with organic (yes the places near me have it) rice with brown sauce on the side so I can add my own. Sometimes I'll just order the vegetables steamed and add my own Braggs or Coconut Aminos.

Thai: Another rare occasion.. I'll order vegetable pad Thai with no fish sauce or egg.

Mexican: Very rarely because we always get Chipotle. But if we are out, I'll order guacamole with crudités and a plate of rice, beans and fajita vegetables. Just make sure the beans aren't cooked in pork fat.

American: Usually I'll order a salad and add stuff from other salads to make them bigger. I'll leave off the protein and ask for extra vegetables or I'll order two salads modified to my tastes. If I'm super hungry I'll get a plain baked potato and just eat the inside.

Middle eastern: Falafel (usually fried, but such a treat! My favorite!), hummus, a salad, usually a bean dish.

 Middle Eastern

Some tips: Don't be scared to bring your own condiments. I mentioned that I bring Coconut Aminos, I've also brought Real Sea Salt, dressings I made at home (olive oil and coconut vinegar with seasoning), organic ketchup and mustard, even vegan mayo if needed. Also, the Whole Foods salad bar is a great spot for a quick meal. I always make a big salad with lots of goodies. Sometimes I'll have their vegan sushi rolls (they have quite a variety) or a soup. Seek out places that have organic or vegan options and don't be afraid to modify or ask your waiter to help you out. I always say I eat vegan or if they don't understand what that is, I tell them I can't have dairy, eggs or any meat. They usually don't ask questions. Sometimes I sneak a Kombucha in my purse if we are going to a bring your own alcohol spot. No one notices the difference and I feel like I have my own "drink".

 Sushi from Whole Foods

I hope this helps anyone who may need a kitchen break but still wants to make healthy choices!

Have a great day!

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