Finding Time For Myself Post Baby

October 28, 2015

After having a baby it isn't easy to find time for yourself. Self care is so important and even though it may feel "selfish" doing something for yourself, a happier you makes for a happier family! I know when my cup is filled and I am feeling good about myself, I'm more relaxed with Little A and I don't mind things that would normally stress me out. Here are some things I do for myself that take only a few minutes but help make me feel like I did something for myself.


(This post isn't meant to sound superficial, just some ideas to make yourself feel good when you are in mom mode)

File my nails. This gives my hands a quick makeover. I don't like to paint my own nails because I'm not good at it, but a quick filing and maybe a little salt scrub on my hands followed by some coconut oil rubbed on, makes me feel rejuvenated.


Blow dry my hair. Lately, I let my hair dry naturally which is fine, but when I want to feel really good, I blow dry it. The bonus is, Baby S loves the sound of the hair dryer, she falls right asleep!

Do my makeup. I've been doing my makeup daily since Baby S was born, I also get dressed and don't stay in yoga pants all day. Don't get me wrong, yoga pants rule, but I am a new mom again and I don't want to look like I feel (exhausted). Doing my makeup and putting on real clothes make me feel halfway normal. My makeup only takes me 10 minutes to do, usually while Little A is playing and Baby S is asleep in her swing.

Similar to that would be plucking my eyebrows. Talk about feeling good! Nothing like a good plucking!

Exfoliating my face and body. I keep a face scrub from Living Libations in my shower so I don't have an excuse not to do this. Once a week I'll give my face a nice scrub with it. Leaves my skin smooth, soft and bright!


Putting on a face mask. Once a week, after I wash my face at night, I'll put a face mask on. I'll fold laundry while it's drying to "cut two carrots with one knife". (The phrase "kill two birds with one stone" is so horrible)

Wash my hair. This seems like a no brainier, but so many moms skip this and only wash when they have too! I like to wash my hair every other day, unless it has spit up in it, that calls for an emergency wash that night once the baby is asleep.

Body brush. This gets the lymph system moving and makes me feel good all over! I also make time for a 20-30 minute workout a day or a walk with the kids if I can't get that in. A little movement gives me so much energy.


Finally, feeding my body right! This is probably the most important thing to help me feel good. When I am eating food that doesn't fuel me, I become moody, tired, lifeless. Lots of fruits and vegetables plus plantbased protein help me to be a better mom/wife/friend/daughter/sister/person!


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