What I'm Loving Lately

October 30, 2015

Hi! I hope you had a nice week. Today I wanted to share some new (to me) products I am loving lately. 


 Artisana makes some great nut butters, this one is by far my favorite (for now). This is walnut with cashews and it's so dreamy! On top of a date and you have the most yummy treat ever!

 I think I mentioned how much I love these HU Kitchen bars. This Almond Butter Quinoa one is by far my favorite! Oh. My. Lawwwwdy. So good! I could finish a bar in one sitting!

 These Rawxie crunch snacks are so flavorful and crunchy! I tried all three flavors when the package came and I am trying to pace myself so I have some for salads. Unreal! Not to mention how much of love Rawxies in general. Have you seen my post for them?

 Garden of Life makes my favorite supplements. I have been taking their prenatal since before I was pregnant with Little A and I am still taking it after have Baby S. I got these raw probiotics for kids to give both girls to keep their tummys happy and immune system in good shape.

 I spotted these chocolate coated rice cakes at the health food store near my family and thought they would be a fun treat for Little A. I ended up eating more than her! ;) They are lightly coated on one side so they aren't too rich, but the perfect sweet treat.

 This spring water was on sale at my Whole Foods so I picked up a bottle. Turns out it's so refreshing and crisp, I love it!

 I recently tried Kite Hill Almond Milk yogurt and I am hooked! So much thicker and creamier than the other non-dairy yogurts I have had.

 I love that Target has so many natural makeup and beauty products! Pacifica is a great brand and this eye shadow is gorgeous!

 My friend Sophie from Philosophie is a genius with her superfood coconut butters. I can eat these by the spoonful as a snack. Seriously, divine!


Have a nice weekend! XO


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